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Total Assets $685,420
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Net Assets $658,255
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I Pour Life develops people for stronger communities. We teach individuals with social and economic disadvantages how to identify and apply their unique strengths to become self-sufficient.

Emergency funds go to support the immediate needs of foster youth in America and impoverished families in Ethiopia whose daily lives have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis. These demographics are in immediate need of water, food, and hygiene supplies to meet basic survival needs, as well as maintain the path to self-sufficiency after the COVID19 crisis.
I Pour Life is an international nonprofit that develops people to build stronger communities. We teach individuals with social and economic disadvantages how to develop and apply their unique strengths to become self-sufficient. There are three ways to support and empower change in a community: relief, rehabilitation, and development. I Pour Life is leading the connectivity between relief, rehabilitation, and development by providing an effective pathway to sustainable change for the individ
LifeStrengths is an evidence-based program focused on positive youth development, that advances older foster youth and other at-risk youth to a place of self-sufficiency and independence from government subsidies. Coaches meet with youth one-on-one on a weekly basis for a year, supporting their development in workforce readiness, criminal resolution, and advancement in education, in addition to equally important areas such as relational and mental health, personal identity and self-esteem,
I Pour Life's integrated family development program matches the parent of a child on a half orphan list, with the opportunity to complete a women's empowerment program that will equip the mother to provide basic needs to care for her child. The program also provides early childhood education, daily feeding programs, and youth development for teens in the family. The women completing the program are living in extreme poverty, and receive training for business, hygiene, financial literacy, identit
I Pour Life remains on the front lines of fighting for policy changes for older foster youth aging out of government care, imploring the state and all partner agencies to consider limiting living placements throughout care, as well as guaranteeing ongoing support after "age out" through LifeCoaches and young professional support.
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