Colorado Springs, CO

Founded: 1979

Tel: (719) 622-1980

Website: http://www.entrust4.org

Top LeaderMrs. Mary Dean

Donor Contact: Ms. Nancy Lindgren

Member Since: May 1, 1986

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $3,742,725
   Noncash Donations $153,188
   Other Revenue $33,109
   Total Revenue $3,929,022
   Total Expenses $3,950,587
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $2,515,835
Total Liabilities $66,388
Net Assets $2,449,447
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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Entrust's mission is to multiply church leaders through accessible, locally owned, reproducible training systems. This is accomplished through facilitated learning, assisting Christians in gaining solid understanding of scripture and growing in life skills.

Our needs for crisis funds are many and ever-changing. As global situations evolve, you might choose to donate to relief ministries in war-torn areas, help our crisis response team travel to care for people in need, or provide humanitarian aid for refugees. Or you can designate your funds to go “where most needed," which allows us to be prepared whenever a crisis strikes.
Entrust's Equipping Women's Training is a dynamic, biblical, practical and relational learning context whose goals are personal transformation, interactive and relational learning, life-on-life mentoring, and intentional multiplication. The core courses stimulate growth in knowledge of Scripture, devotion to Christ, maturity, life skills, and vision for building others up. Experienced facilitators lead small groups in a question-led and interactive format.
Entrust serves the church in meeting the need for leadership by collaboratively developing accessible, transformational, sustainable training systems that multiply biblical leaders. The church is growing and churches are being planted faster than servant leadership can be trained. Without biblical, accessible, transformational training of church leadership the health of the church, particularly in developing countries, and their impact on their cultures is in jeopardy.
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