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Founded: 2003

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   Total Expenses $293,754
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Total Assets $279,626
Total Liabilities $135,837
Net Assets $143,789
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Presence Quotient® provides tools and training for individuals and families to apply Christian values to their everyday lives, bridge the cultural and generational gaps, and be equipped to lead and serve in their communities. RE:NEW a Presence movement aims to partner with churches to mobilize a generation of youth and young adults to live with purpose in pursuing spiritual maturity, realizing their God-given gifts. Presence Possibilities aims to help individuals to pursue their calling and become godly servants and ethical employees through professional assessments and consultations identifying their personality, unique talents, culture, learning style, ideal college major and career.

Presence is an organization that reaches out to families and youth, helping them to live in accordance with God’s values in their daily lives. We work to protect faith in families and seek to strengthen family relationships to equip them to serve others in their community. We want to encourage others to live God-centered lives. We also seek to inform Christians about how current cultural issues affect our faith and to equip them to respond in truth and love.
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  • Leadership Training (primary)
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