Caring Hearts Ministry

Cranberry Township, PA

Founded: 2014

Tel: (412) 613-8919


Top LeaderMr. Peter Robb

Donor Contact: Ms. Renee Martin

Member Since: February 3, 2017

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $705,379
   Noncash Donations $28,517
   Other Revenue $80,488
   Total Revenue $814,384
   Total Expenses $595,187
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $1,109,087
Total Liabilities $9,433
Net Assets $1,099,654
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Caring Hearts Ministry is an interdenominational non-profit comprised of those who simply want to allow Jesus to use them in ways that minister His love to the people of San Luis, Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico. In Mexico, the average annual income is $10,000, and 44.2% of people are living in poverty. The people are suffering from food insecurity and a lack of access to clean water and electricity. Many suffer from extreme sickness, yet a lack of adequate medical care. Many homes are unstable, often consisting of dirt floors and scrap wood or cardboard walls, and lack basic necessities such as a bathroom or a bed for every person to sleep in. The mission of Caring Hearts is to be passionately committed to delivering the hope and love of Christ, and empowering life change to the people in Mexico through our fulfillment of our Matthew 25 commission to - feed the hungry, educate the forgotten, provide shelter and comfort to the abandoned and orphaned, rehabilitation for the addicted, and help for the sick and the powerless with a demonstration of God's love to the poor and hurting. Caring Hearts responds to these needs through ministries that are run by local leaders and addresses all aspects of poverty and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing, such as the Oasis Boys Home, Girls Home, Blind Center, Shut-In Ministry, Clean Water Program at the City Dump, New Life Rehab Center, Prison Ministry, and a Soup Kitchen that loves on local children physically, nutritionally, and spiritually.

Children in orphanages often have nowhere to go when they begin to “age out” of the orphanage system. Many, lacking a way to make a living, turn to crime. To create a better future for teenagers in Mexico, the Oasis Boys Home was built in 2006. The Oasis Boys Home is a vocational school and residential home for boys ages 12-18. In addition to family meals, chores and school, Pedro Alvarado Olguin and his wife, Fran teach the boys various skills to equip them to be successful, productive adults.
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