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Colorado Christian Services

Ministry Description
Growing Families Through Adoption for 60 Years

Colorado Christian Services (CCS) was founded in 1963 by Walter and Marie Martin, devout members of the Englewood church of Christ in Englewood, Colorado. Walter and Marie first opened a small group home next door to their church building as part of their dream to help “troubled teens.” Walter and Marie slowly adjusted their mission from supporting children during a difficult transition, to guiding children into stable and permanent families that could love them always through adoption. To date, nearly 1,200 children have been placed for adoption and well over 6,500 women in crisis pregnancies have been counseled throughout our 60-year history. CCS’ unwavering belief that every child deserves to grow up in a loving, caring, stable home has remained central to our work.

Colorado Christian Services comes alongside women in unplanned pregnancies and Christian adoptive couples in building families through caring, experienced and professional adoption planning services.

In addition, we support expectant mothers, new parents and caregivers by providing them with essential mother and baby supplies at no cost to them.

Colorado Christian Services is committed to being a leader in the field of adoption because of our dedication to strengthening families with an emphasis on Christian values as well as respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals.

Birth Parent Counseling Program
At Colorado Christian Services, we come alongside women, providing free and confidential options counseling. We also help meet their needs for additional community resources, food, housing, medical expense assistance. Our caseworkers are there to listen and talk through a birth parent’s legal rights and options, including exploring all aspects of parenting and adoption. Birth parent clients make all the decisions without any judgement or pressure. Our caseworkers are trained in grief support and can help navigate the complex emotions that are commonly experienced during this difficult time. If a birth mother decides to move forward with making an adoption plan, CCS will stay alongside her throughout the entire process, handling all logistical and legal aspects of the adoption at no cost to the birth family. If she decides to parent, we can help her develop a parenting plan, family budget and provide additional community resource referrals and essential baby items such as diapers, wipes and clothing. Our counseling and support services always continue after the birth of the child and/or placement, for as long as our clients desire to continue the relationship. We also partner with Knee to Knee, a national nonprofit to facilitate a support group for birth mothers who have placed their baby for adoption through any agency in Colorado, at any time.

Christian Family Adoption Program
Colorado Christian Services is a full-service adoption agency and a source of hope for Christian couples who are suffering with infertility. Our caring caseworkers walk through the entire process with the adoptive family. We assist with the state required paperwork, including the formal application, all backup paperwork and assistance with developing their adoptive family profile. We provide home study services and the mandatory CORE training required for all families who adopt through the state of Colorado. When an adoptive family is chosen by a birth parent, our caseworkers support the adoptive family beginning with the match meeting (an informal first meeting between the adoptive family and birth parents), developing a hospital plan (per the wishes of the birth mother) and assist with placement of the baby upon discharge from the hospital. We provide post-placement services to the adoptive family through the legal process of finalization of the adoption and beyond.

Community Resource Room
We come alongside expectant mothers, new parents and caregivers by providing them with essential baby supplies at no cost to them. Our Community Resource Room is open to our birth parent clients as well as to the public at no cost to them. Please call our office at 303.-61-7236 to arrange a time to "shop".
Ministry Details
Location: Centennial, CO
Founded: 1963
Tel: (303) 761-7236
Top Leader: Ms. Elizabeth Bolz
Donor Contact: Ms. Megan Munroe
Member Since: September 30, 2015
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CCS’ unwavering belief that every child deserves to grow up in a loving, caring, stable home has remained central to our work. We only charge our adoptive families a percentage of what it actually costs to complete an adoption. The remainder of the cost and our program budget is sustained through individual donations. Please consider signing up as monthly financial donor to help continue our work.
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