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Serving Orphans Worldwide

Ministry Description

Although family is the ideal solution to the orphan crisis, we understand that it’s not an immediate option for most children globally. That’s why we believe our place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support orphanages and children’s homes, because they are often the only option for orphaned children.

We do whatever it takes to rescue struggling homes from failure or destitution, because we know failure isn’t an option when the lives of children rest in your hands. We come alongside partner homes with training opportunities to raise their standards of care, because we believe every child deserves a safe and nurturing childhood. And we provide the means for our orphanages to pursue self-sustainability, because we want more for them than mere survival.

We realize that while we may not be able to bring every orphan into our homes, we can work diligently to better the homes where so many orphaned children are found today.



We believe that all children are loved by God. Throughout Scripture, we see God’s heart for the fatherless and James 1:27 makes very clear the mandate to care for orphaned children to His glory. We believe that one of the responsibilities of God’s people is to care for widows, orphans, and those who have been marginalized by the economic and social systems of the world. It is to that end that we come alongside the body of Christ to support orphanages and children’s homes.

Serving Orphans Worldwide (SOW) cares for orphaned children by empowering their caregivers to do their best work, with compassion, grace, integrity and excellence. Our end goal is to see every child reach the potential that God has for them.


When you give to Serving Orphans Worldwide, you are not only feeding their mind, body, and spirit. You are feeding the potential for greatness in that child.

We believe that every resource donated to orphan care is a blessing and we take our responsibility to be good stewards of what is given seriously. That is why our promise is that every penny you give goes directly to the field, thanks to our sponsors who cover all of our administrative costs.
Ministry Details
Location: Bristol, TN
Founded: 2010
Tel: (866) 580-5700
Top Leader: Mr. Chad Sorrell
Donor Contact: Ms. Jenny Wallace
Member Since: October 2, 2014
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