Veritas College International

San Antonio, TX

Founded: 1992

Tel: (210) 446-6719


Top LeaderDr. Bennie Wolvaardt

Donor Contact: Mr. Jefferson Webster

Member Since: February 17, 2014

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   Cash Donations $358,435
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   Other Revenue $6,136
   Total Revenue $364,571
   Total Expenses $369,279
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   for the Year
Other $0
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   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $158,720
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Net Assets $158,720
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Veritas College International (VCI), also known as the VCI Graduate School has pioneered Competency Based Theological Education (CBTE) on the non-formal, diploma, and graduate degree levels. It empowers local church leaders to interpret the Bible in a practical responsible way, to apply the absolutes of Scripture in the local context, and to communicate them in a culturally sensitive way. The VCI Graduate School is recognized by the US Department of Education as an accredited institution and is approved to provide distance education: The VCI Graduate School is part of the global network of Veritas National Colleges that provides training in 39 countries with 15,383 courses in delivery, in spite of Covid-19. Our course material is translated in 45 languages. VCI trains in some of the least reached countries and therefore fund raises in the US and other countries. Income from outside the US is not presented in the US statements.

Veritas has seen great results over the past 29 years, both in the lives of individuals and on a bigger scale in communities and countries. While we are grateful for this, we realize that there is still much to be done. Countless Christian leaders all over the world have to minister every day without having received adequate (or even any) training. Your prayers and financial contributions can help us to equip them for their service in the Kingdom. Please help us serve our brothers and sisters.
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