Wellspring Living

Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2001

Tel: (404) 948-4673

Website: http://www.WellspringLiving.org

Top LeaderMrs. Mary Frances Bowley

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Member Since: December 30, 2003

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $3,004,210
   Noncash Donations $306,358
   Other Revenue $2,087,978
   Total Revenue $5,398,546
   Total Expenses $4,701,830
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   for the Year
Other $0
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Total Assets $1,769,265
Total Liabilities $335,979
Net Assets $1,433,286
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Wellspring Living's mission is to serve survivors of sex trafficking and those who are vulnerable to exploitation. Through therapy, personalized education, life skills, and career development, Wellspring strengthens each participant as she journeys from hurting through healing toward thriving through its residential programs. In the fall of 2014, a community-based model for young women, ages 18-39, was begun. In the fall of 2018, a community-based model embedded in a local high school began providing mental health services and life-changing programming to strengthen the academic and life goals of students, support staff and families. At the core of our work, our vision is to end domestic sex trafficking and see those we serve to have the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.

Wellspring For Girls provides a therapeutic and educational program for girls (ages 12-17) who have been victims of childhood exploitation. 100,000-300,000 American-born children are exploited annually in the United States. Atlanta ranks among the top three cities in the United States for child sex trafficking. Through academic, therapeutic, and compassionate care, Wellspring Living is seeing transformational change, girls graduating from high school, and moving toward their potential.
The Wellspring Living Assessment Center serves up to 15 women, ages 18-25, who are survivors of sex trafficking. Survivors receive a full array of restorative care for 3-6 months. The Empowered Living Academy provides a community-based program for up to 80 young women annually to receive personal development, independent living, and career readiness classes. Our Independent Living Program provides 12 women efficiency apartments and supportive services toward independent living.
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