Rehema Ministries

Kennewick, WA

Founded: 2007

Tel: (509) 405-8677


Top LeaderMrs. Estha Trouw Madeira

Donor Contact: Mrs. Tori Costello

Member Since: September 10, 2012

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $777,535
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $11,833
   Total Revenue $789,368
   Total Expenses $828,023
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $571,315
Total Liabilities $24,202
Net Assets $547,113
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Rehema Ministries, DBA Rehema for Kids, and In Step Foundation were founded simultaneously in 2006 when a baby was found abandoned in a cornfield in Kenya on a cold, rainy day. The baby was brought to missionaries, Jeff and Carla Picicci, and they named her Rehema Grace. Rehema means Mercy in Swahili. On that day, Rehema for Kids was born. Over 200 children now call In Step their home! Rehema for Kids raises awareness and funds for our partnering organization, In Step Foundation, near Kitale, Kenya. Over 70 dedicated Kenyan staff and a few self-supporting missionaries continue to raise children in a caring and holistic environment that ensures each rescued child receives the love, care, medical attention, faith building opportunities, activities, and education needed to reach his or her full potential. We are empowering the children entrusted to us to be leaders of integrity that will influence their community, country, and world for generations to come.

Our goal, even with separate housing, is to have a Cafeteria where we come together as one HUGE family. This is a time to pray together, eat as a family and share the day with everyone. We want to know that each child is eating nutrious meals. The 110-foot veranda is just too small for 118 kids and workers. The commons area will serve as a location for the church, outreach programs to the community, and indoor play area during rainy season. Appx. cost $200,000
We have been called to Kenya. We are looking for workers with a heart for God. Our ministry’s goal is to help fund and build children’s homes. In Step Children’s Home is the first of many In Step Homes to be built in Kenya. Our goal is to house 400 children on our 20-acre compound along with a medical center, cafeteria, church, pre-school, greenhouse, and TECH Training Center. Your donation will help us care for His precious children in Kenya!
Here at Rehema In Steps office located in Anacortes, WA, we run a very lean operation. We brought our bookkeeper on as staff in January 2013. She has graciously contracted with us for $400 a month the last 2 years. We have outgrown the small office attached to our home and would like to rent something with 2 offices. We are looking for funding for 2 part-time staff personnel at $15 dollars an hour plus costs to run the yearly expenses. We are looking for $60,000.
We are now ready to start the girls' dorm. We have completed the boys' dorm and you can see it on the website. The girls' dorm will be identical. Funding still needed is $100,000.
We provide a loving Christian environment for abandoned and orphaned children. On January 6, 2014, 26 of our children moved from Pre-school to Kindergarten with the 50 first & second graders. We are accredited as a private school. It is a sad that children without parents are mistreated in the public schools. We receive no assistance from the Kenyan government as we are an American-owned facility and not an NGO. Cost for 2 additional rooms $25,000.
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