Russian Christian Radio

Estes Park, CO

Founded: 1946

Tel: (770) 864-6464


Donor Contact: Mrs. Susan Shull

Member Since: August 22, 2012

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   Cash Donations $286,935
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $4,420
   Total Revenue $291,355
   Total Expenses $283,446
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Other $0
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Total Assets $287,209
Total Liabilities $60
Net Assets $287,149
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The purpose of RCR (Russian Christian Radio, Inc.) is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reaching hopeless and broken Russian-speaking people throughout the world, primarily in Russia and former Republics of the former USSR, with the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ. We have three ministry areas, where we provide evangelism and discipleship: 1) Recording Studio - production of Christian video programming which is broadcast via YouTube, social media, our Russian website, and some local radio stations in Russia, as well as production of Christian CDs, DVDs, and literature that are sent to prisoners and others in response to letters received; 2) Christian Magazine - publication of "The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire," a unique magazine primarily for prisoners; and 3) Christian "Liberation" centers, called Pirkko Homes, ministering to those with addictions - alcoholics, drug addicts, and former prisoners.

Russian Christian Radio (RCR) is involved in three areas of ministry in Russia: 1) Media Ministry: video programs on the Internet (see our RCR-Videos channel on YouTube), 2) Prison Ministry: we publish a magazine for prisoners called "The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire," and 3) "Liberation" Rehab Centers (for drugs & alcohol) called "Pirkko Homes" (after our founder's wife). All three ministry areas work together to proclaim the gospel to Russian-speakers and help them to grow in faith.
Russian Christian Radio (RCR) publishes a Christian magazine for Russian-speaking prisoners called “The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire.” Its goal is to penetrate prisons with the light of Christ, answering the deep spiritual questions prisoners have and offering hope of a transformed life. This unique magazine provides a variety of articles, sermons, and testimonies which lead the reader to God. 600 prison ministers send or give our bi-monthly magazines to prisoners. See more info on our website.
Alcoholism and drug addition are big problems in Russia. Russian Christian Radio (RCR) leads a number of Christian rehab centers in Russia known as Pirkko Home "Liberation" Centers where drug addicts and alcoholics, many of whom have served prison time, can come to be rid of their addictions and learn a better way to live - through repentance and a new life in Christ. We have an 8 month program of rehab and adaptation, and graduates also have access to a center giving ongoing help.
Russian Christian Radio (RCR) began as a radio ministry in 1946, with the vision of "Millions of Russians for Christ!" sending the gospel into Russia by short wave radio as the iron curtain cut the Soviet Union off from the outside world. The Soviets tried to jam our radio signals, but many heard and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. RCR continues to share Christ with Russian-speakers, now using video programming - testimonies and Bible teaching programs are on YouTube (RCR-Videos) &
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