Bibles for China

Oklahoma City, OK

Founded: 2010

Tel: (918) 815-0521


Top LeaderMr. Kurt Rovenstine

Donor Contact: Mrs. Renee Kellert

Member Since: June 19, 2012

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   Total Expenses $590,974
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Total Assets $368,566
Total Liabilities $590
Net Assets $367,976
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Bibles for China is a Christian organization that believes the Holy Scriptures are the primary source for faith and practice. The organizational purpose is to work toward scriptural literacy by providing affordable Bibles to every person in a language and format that each can understand. Bibles for China has chosen within this broader mission statement, to provide Bibles to remote economically depressed areas of rural mainland China and to the Chinese congregated outside of their homeland. Bibles for China raises funds in economically developed countries to purchase Bibles printed in China which can be openly and legally distributed in China through the established church, and also purchasing Bibles across the globe to distribute to Chinese communities and churches outside of China.

At a cost of $5.00 each, Bibles for China is currently purchasing and distributing, free of charge to rural Chinese believers, complete Bibles which are legally printed in China. The need is huge—hundreds of thousands of Bibles have been requested. To continue meeting this unprecedented opportunity, we need your help now. By making a donation to Bibles for China today, you can place God’s Word into the hands of a precious rural Chinese Christian.
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