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Founded: 2001

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Top LeaderDr. Carolyn Bishop

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Member Since: April 18, 2011

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   Cash Donations $3,578,263
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   Total Revenue $3,357,298
   Total Expenses $5,074,475
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   for the Year
Other $0
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Total Assets $8,235,885
Total Liabilities $7,500
Net Assets $8,228,385
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The primary purpose of Middle East Bible Outreach (MEBO) is to support the Lebanese Society of Educational and Social Development (LSESD) and its six ministry initiatives as they empower the Church in the Arab world to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by word, deed, and life. They do so through supporting education, equipping of church and lay leaders, Christian resource development, relief, and community development. Each initiative includes a specific focus on identification of and care for vulnerable and marginalized populations, including refugees, stateless persons, women, children, and the poor.

BBS was established in 1956 as a Beacon On A Hill in Beirut. The school's tables and chairs require refurnishing after many years of use. The playground swings also need to be replaced and new ones added to accommodate the 450 students that use them. Our task as a learning community is to help students flourish socially, spiritually, and academically. We are raising funds to support our teachers and students in this endeavor.
Our partner churches in Syria quickly opened their doors to serve people who sought refuge after the earthquake in February 2023. Through them and because of their unfailing love for their neighbors, we have already provided thousands of hurting families with blankets, winter clothes, food, and hygiene items. Because the earthquakes happened in the context of a pre-existing humanitarian crisis, they will have long-lasting repercussions on affected families and the entire country. Help us sustain
60% of the population in Lebanon is under the age of 25, one of the highest ratios worldwide. As a Christian publishing house, Source of Life - Dar Manhal al Hayat in Arabic, seeks to engage this age group by publishing quality books that display and teach the biblical story through fun, interactive activities while communicating the love of Jesus. These books demonstrate Christian values, narrating exemplary Christian approaches to difficult situations and emotions in a region filled with uncer
MEBO works closely with Christian leaders in the Middle Eastern on a multi-track mission to strengthen the witness of the Church. These tracks include K-12 and seminary education, community relief and development, and church discipleship. We work alongside local schools, ministries, and churches throughout the Arab World. Through these relationships, we see God at work, even in times of war and crisis. Come share in His miraculous, life-giving work of transforming communities and changing lives.
The IDEAL Program is a university certificate program for youth whose special needs prevent them from enrolling as mainstream undergraduates. In a country where special education is not mandated after middle school, IDEAL is a dream come true for parents. IDEAL focuses on the academic, social, and career skills of learners with the goal of helping them secure a place in the job market and become productive citizens.
Our specialized center in Lebanon serves children with special needs. As the economic crisis in Lebanon continues to deteriorate including a currency devaluation of more than 96 percent, parents can no longer afford to prioritize specialized support for their children, preferring instead to save their income for more pressing essentials such as food. Your gift will enable us to subsidize the cost of assessments and therapy sessions for children with special needs to continue their education.
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