Alpha Ministries

Lynchburg, VA

Founded: 1988

Tel: (434) 929-2500


Donor Contact: Mrs. Kelly Urbani

Member Since: October 13, 2010

Financial Data

Due to international security concerns, Alpha Ministries has requested that their financial information not be posted on the Internet. To receive a copy of their audited financial statements, please contact Alpha Ministries directly.

Alpha Ministries has been planting churches for over 50 years in one of the most strategic mission fields in the world - the 1040 Window. Since our founding in India in 1965, Alpha Ministries has been training and mobilizing native missionaries through a dynamic learning process and then releasing them with a renewed vision for pioneer church planting. To fulfill Christ's mission mandate in Act 1:8 - to reach cities through evangelism, whole regions through church planting, and the world through mission sending.

We serve in the 10/40 window where the largest population of non-Christians are living. We reach into the region of the world that has the least investment of Christian resources and the lowest number of individuals involved in full-time Christian service.
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