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Founded: 2005

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Top LeaderDr. Sukhwant Bhatia

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Seek Partners International, Inc. offers formal theological education through a Bible College & Seminary in northwest India; non-formal theological education and ministry training to pastors in South Asia; fresh translations of the Bible from original biblical languages to produce Study Bibles; training workshops for the Academic Deans of Higher Theological Education Institutions in South Asia; and, church planting in cities among the educated middle-class citizens of South Asia.

Assist church plants in northwest states of India by providing training, resources, and support for up to two years each.
Fresh and new translation from original biblical languages into Hindi for 430 million speakers and Punjabi for 100 million speakers of north India.
Support Seek Partners International as we train national leaders with formal and non-formal higher theological education in South Asia.
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  • Missions: International (primary)
  • Church: Planting
  • Evangelism
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