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Dubuque, IA

Founded: 2002

Tel: (563) 585-2070

Website: https://emmausworldwide.org

Top LeaderMr. Steve Modrzejewski

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Member Since: October 17, 2008

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $302,797
   Noncash Donations $62,800
   Other Revenue $363,501
   Total Revenue $729,098
   Total Expenses $788,083
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $1,970,604
Total Liabilities $53,762
Net Assets $1,916,842
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Emmaus Worldwide exists to glorify God by providing biblically sound resources and structured study materials that teach people from every nation to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord, grow in Christ and share their faith with others. The ministry is engaged in spreading the truth of Scripture through the publication of biblically-sound correspondence courses, books, and other publications through print and electronic media. The content of our material is evangelical, educational, and edifying in nature and consistent with fundamental evangelical Christian doctrine. Through a network of Prison Coordinators, courses are distributed to incarcerated men and women, sharing the gospel and building up the faith of prisoners who have come to know Christ. Emmaus Worldwide distributes about 400,000 courses to prison inmates across North America annually. In addition to prison ministry, our courses are often used in church and community Bible studies.

Homeschooling is on the rise! Emmaus Worldwide offers an excellent opportunity for families to utilize our ample resources to aid in personal Bible study. Emmaus courses are easy to use, providing independent, systematic learning at one’s desired pace. Your donations will help Emmaus Worldwide in this homeschool initiative, ultimately accomplishing the goal of aiding elementary, middle, and high school-age students to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.
There are millions of people who want to study the Bible, but do not have any resources to help them. Emmaus Worldwide is active globally and reaches students in 197 countries and territories providing quality Bible study resources. Support the work of getting Bible courses into people’s hands by donating today.
Jails and prisons offer fertile ground for the gospel. If you are looking for a more fruitful harvest field, apart from leaving the country, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. There are broken, hurting, lonely people that God has slowed down long enough to consider the claims of the gospel. Emmaus courses clearly present the gospel and assist believers in Christian growth. Your gift helps meet the need of reaching the precious souls whose lives have been interrupted by prison time.
For nearly 80 years, millions have learned to study the Bible and apply it to their lives with the help of an Emmaus course. In 1942, 3 courses were developed for those who needed to study the Bible remotely. Today 95 courses are offered. Emmaus courses include an exam which is ideal for independent study, discipleship, group Bible study, and homeschool. An Emmaus course provides the opportunity to discover the truth of God's Word and apply it to one's life.
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