Outreach Aid to the Americas

Surfside, FL

Founded: 1995

Tel: (305) 884-0441

Website: http://www.oaausa.org

Top LeaderDr. Teo Babun

Donor Contact: Dr. Teo Babun

Member Since: November 12, 2007

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $311,419
   Noncash Donations $4,679,695
   Other Revenue $2,747,243
   Total Revenue $7,738,357
   Total Expenses $7,456,431
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $1,187,873
Total Liabilities $629,623
Net Assets $558,250
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Outreach Aid to the Americas (OAA) was founded in 1994 to support and help strengthen the national leadership and capacity of the emerging independent Cuban Christian Church, while meeting humanitarian needs in the island. OAA has acquired unique knowledge on operating successfully in Cuba's challenging environment and has developed a network that consists of over 600 organized faith-based groups. Guided by Christian faith, OAA is a development ministry that (1) identifies, nurtures, resources, encourages, and develops effective leaders within their own culture; (2) helps the emerging new church community to modernize and build institutional strength, as well as organizational and administrative capacity; (3) develops innovative outreach events that will open doors for the gospel; and (4) creates awareness and provides opportunities through mission trips for individuals and churches in North America.

Human Rights; Promote Religious Liberty and Conscience in the Americas; Identify and Denounce Persecution on the Basis of Religious Belief; and Educate Individuals on Religious Freedom Issues Affecting the Region. As an organization we feel compelled to help others monitor religious persecution and discrimination in our region, recommend policies, and develop programs to promote religious freedom.
Empower Vulnerable Communities; Educate and Develop Youth & the Disabled; Civil Society Strengthening; and Self Employment Development. OAA has 24 years of experience and good results in the areas of civil society building, supporting human rights, leadership development, organizational capacity building, food security, and youth programs. We are motivated by our faith.
Disaster Relief, Assisting Vulnerable Communities, Droughts, Medical Facilities, At-Risk Children. Our In-Kind Donations Program is helping communities throughout the region.
Travel to Cuba can be a life-changing experience. You can join our mission trips and bring humanitarian aid to churches and to Cubans in need. Learn first-hand about the Cuban Church and culture. Observe ongoing missions projects and interact with Christians working with local churches. Meet individuals benefiting from these ministries such as children, elderly, and the handicapped, as well as see the beauty of the island.
Through the implementation of Relief, Advocacy and Development key programs & interventions, OAA partners with local faith-based organizations. Faith-Based Organizations represent the most viable civil society platform for citizens to engage in dialogue, advocacy, and social and political mobilization.
ECHOcuba provides hope and assistance to the hundreds of Independent Churches of Cuba and some who are not even recognized at all by the Communist government; many are known as house churches (Casas Culto). In communities around Cuba, we join with these courageous persecuted warriors to help them survive the daily battles of communism.
Disaster Preparedness; Disaster Response; Food Security; Humanitarian Assistance; and Strengthening Resilience of Vulnerable Communities. The overall purpose of our Relief Programs is to benefit disaster victims, reduce the suffering of the most vulnerable groups in the Americas, and to provide tools & resources needed to increase their preparedness & self-sufficiency.
ECHOcuba’s network of over 800 churches and ministries in Cuba are independent from the government controlled Cuban Council of Churches. However, Cuba continues to be won for Christ, with over 3,000 house churches and seminaries dedicated to spreading the Good News. The politically independent churches conduct a range of social projects, from elderly and child care, educational and pastoral support, to micro-enterprise, business, and community leadership development.
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