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Founded: 1865

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   Cash Donations $17,789,901
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   Other Revenue $92,255
   Total Revenue $17,882,156
   Total Expenses $17,013,631
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   for the Year
Other $847,348
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   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $12,908,186
Total Liabilities $632,051
Net Assets $12,276,135
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OMF International was founded by James Hudson Taylor in England in 1865 as the China Inland Mission. CIM mobilization expanded to America in 1888. The "reluctant exodus" of CIM missionaries from China led to the re-focus of the mission in 1953. Today, OMF International is an evangelical, international and interdenominational mission agency with mobilization centers in over 20 countries. By God's grace we aim to see indigenous church movements in more than 20 countries and 100 people groups in Asia. OMF-US is committed to "glorify God by the mobilization of resources for the urgent evangelization of East Asia's Peoples."

Despite the genocide and war in the 1960s and 70s which decimated the Church, Christianity in Cambodia has grown steadily over the past 50 years! Today there are an estimated 2,000 house churches. Church leaders, often from Buddhist-backgrounds, need significant training and discipleship to lead their churches. The Fellowship Churches of Cambodia (FCC) partners with local leaders providing leadership training, evangelism and discipleship ministries and church building projects.
There are an estimated 8.6 million Hmong. Most Hmong are animists and have yet to hear about Jesus Christ. Hmong believers have a great opportunity to share the gospel through storytelling which enables biblical truths about Jesus Christ to be shared simply and relationally. By training Hmong church leaders in oral teaching methods, or storytelling, we hope to see greater effectiveness in the spiritual growth of the Hmong churches.
The majority of the 1.1 million Maguindanaon people live in North Cotabato and Maguindanao provinces of the Philippines and have yet to be fully reached with the gospel. Our team aims to share God’s message with Maguindanaons and equip them to form reproducible communities of believers that influence other Muslim people groups and beyond. Our team serves Maguindanaons through a nursery school, adult literacy education, student sponsorships/assistance and administrative support.
Radio broadcasts are a powerful tool in areas unreached by the gospel. Many in the Mekong region can’t read and have never even seen a Bible; but many do own radios and listen as they go through their work day. Evangelistic messages, Bible teachings and testimonies have a huge impact on nonbelievers and are also an encouragement to believers in hostile situations. This project provides funding for the production and airing of radio programs in numerous minority languages.
The Taiwanese working class find it difficult to read the Bible. By printing small portions of scripture with large, easy-to-read Chinese characters, we give Taiwanese people opportunities to read and understand God’s word. These “mini-Bibles” are composed of passages that are relevant to the outlook of the working class and can help them understand Jesus. Project funds will be used to produce ongoing printings with 3,000 copies in each printing.
OMF missionaries are targeting the almost 100 districts without a church in Isaan, NE Thailand, where millions of people have never heard the gospel. Personal evangelism in rural areas is combined with mobilizing existing churches and believers along with radio and Internet outreach to saturate Isaan with the gospel. Costs include distributing children’s Bibles, training to plant churches in unreached areas, organizing outreaches in villages and providing resources for further growth.
Thai Buddhists are open to attending evangelistic events during festive holidays. Running children’s activities, teaching English and sharing meals are all ways we share Christ. Literature that is appropriate is often warmly accepted. Each can help Thai Buddhists learn and respond to the gospel. Project funds are used for the production and distribution of tracts and other biblical literature plus the distributing of MP3 players containing audio scriptures for semi-literate individuals.
The Home of Hope provides love to marginalized children in North Vietnam. A core group of young-adult believers are committed to serving vulnerable children & are eager to transform communities by planting churches. Funds cover rent for a training center, sponsorships of children & an outreach program focused on a nearby town & two districts which have not been influenced by Christ. In the future, the ministry hopes to purchase a training center for long-term use.
Believers in Vietnam want to share their faith but do not know how. Our team is mobilizing and sending Vietnamese believers into areas among two of the largest unreached people groups. We also want to start a worldwide prayer movement for these two unreached groups. Funds will provide gospel training events on how to share one's faith and provide for travel and training costs, printing training materials and distribution of prayer guides.
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