Virginia Beach, VA

Founded: 2000

Tel: (757) 333-7200

Website: http://www.orphanetwork.org

Top LeaderMr. Bob Cleary

Donor Contact: Ms. Katie Beasley

Member Since: November 18, 2004

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $4,648,139
   Noncash Donations $1,313,803
   Other Revenue $4,332
   Total Revenue $5,966,274
   Total Expenses $6,151,904
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $2,960,197
Total Liabilities $169,003
Net Assets $2,791,194
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ORPHANetwork partners with the local Nicaraguan church to break cycles of poverty. Together, we RESCUE vulnerable, impoverished and at-risk children, PREVENT children from becoming social orphans, CREATE opportunities for new life and SHARE Christ with everyone. In partnership with the local Nicaraguan church, ORPHANetwork encourages and enables those with a voice to speak up on behalf of fringe, forgotten and fragile children so they can experience a transformed life through life-saving and life-changing developmental, relational and experiential interventions. As children and youth come to know the grace, mercy and love of Jesus Christ and the impact of hands-up programming, they are able to successfully navigate a journey of transition, transformation and thriving within their context. The core of the ORPHANetwork development model is the steady availability of nutritious food to address malnutrition. By focusing on creating a healthy physical foundation and growing a strong spiritual identity

ORPHANetwork provides health and nutrition to 33,000 children living in communities of abject poverty in Nicaragua. We partner with Nicaraguan churches to provide nutritious meals in over 360 communities. Our holistic approach is designed for our Nicaraguan partners to "earn the right" to share Jesus Christ. God has blessed our ministry by making a way for our local churches to reach more than 30,000 children and parents for Jesus Christ since 2012. We ask for help with resources to provide 6.3
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