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Founded: 2001

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Financial Data

   Cash Donations $6,780,258
   Noncash Donations $76,622,934
   Other Revenue $390,101
   Total Revenue $83,793,293
   Total Expenses $82,514,089
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   for the Year
Other $0
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Total Assets $2,746,268
Total Liabilities $820,413
Net Assets $1,925,855
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Cross International is an international relief and development ministry established to help the poorest of the poor in Third World countries. Cross International supplies the poor with food, safe drinking water, medicines, clothing, shelter and other necessities through a network of partner churches and Christian ministries already working in the areas of need. This cost-effective method helps the poor while energizing the evangelical efforts the partnering churches have underway. The ministry also works to create a greater awareness of the plight of the poor and the Biblical mandate calling all Christians to respond to those needs.

The 6,600 students who attend the 18 CBC schools would not be able to stay alert and learn were it not for the meal they enjoy daily; the only meal most will eat that day. Avoiding unnecessary customs costs and while helping the local economy, CBC purchases all of the food for its schools and orphanage from Haitian suppliers. Our drivers are dedicated Christians who willingly face the risk of kidnapping and robbery to transport the food to the schools.
A majority of Haiti’s poor children live with parents who can’t adequately feed or care for them. Many will never attend school because their parents are too poor to buy a uniform, and supplies. Cross is helping CBC provide a Christian education to 6,600 poor children in 18 schools. We also support New Life Center Orphanage, which is home to 82 children who are orphaned, or whose parents are too poor to care for them. We also pay the salaries of 175 teachers and one pastor.
There is a transformation taking place in impoverished areas of the Philippines! Cross asks for donations to help CCT assist 1,000 poor, but ambitious, families to build profitable, faith-based businesses with micro-loans, low interest rates and weekly fellowship groups where about 30 “partners” meet to study the Bible and encourage each other in business goals and financial discipline.
Cholera swept through an impoverished area of Zambia killing children, families, and devastating villages. A “post-mortem” of the outbreak revealed the unsafe water and unsanitary conditions that allowed the disease to run rampant. This project will educate villagers about sanitation and hygiene, and provide them with wells, latrines, rubbish pits and hygienic dish racks. Your gift can help tens of thousands of villages prevent tragic illness and untimely death for generations to come.
Christian Foundation for Democracy (CFD) is a clearinghouse that accepts donated goods from organizations such as Cross, and distributes them to those in need. Food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies and equipment are supplied to needy hospitals, orphanages, prisons, feeding programs and families throughout the Dominican Republic . Cross receives donated goods from generous corporations, and relies on contributions to cover the cost to ship those goods to CFD.
When the Haiti earthquake struck several years ago, Cross mobilized donors and trusted Haitian mission partners to rush immediate aid to traumatized refugees. We shipped food, water and medical supplies to survivors as quickly as possible. More than two years later, the healing process continues. Cross is still working hard to meet the needs of our Haitian partners and the communities they serve—communities that need food, housing, medical care, education and the hope of Jesus Christ.
Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic, hoping to find work and a better life. Often, they find themselves practically enslaved as they live in conditions worse than what was left behind. Since their children have no documentation to show they have legal residence, they cannot attend state schools and are left to run the streets. A Christian development group, MEBSH, started 6 schools for these cane-cutter children, which allow 1,100 students to receive an education.
El Shaddai Ministries provides a Christian education for more than 500 students in impoverished Haiti. With education, these children have an chance to climb out of the poverty that permeates their lives. Many families are so poor they typically eat only one meal a day. Hunger impedes learning; so El Shaddai provides a hearty meal for students twice a week. They want to serve 5 weekly meals, but lack the funds to do so. With your gift, needy students can focus on learning unimpeded by hunger.
Education is the key to escaping poverty. But when poor children are malnourished and hungry, they can't learn. Elohim Christian Elementary School in Peru is solving the problem by providing a daily breakfast, lunch, and snack to more than 100 malnourished students. With Cross' help, Elohim is saving these children from having to work on the streets just to buy their next meal, while also introducing the Gospel of Christ. A gift of $102 will help nourish a hungry child for an entire school year.
Espoir “Hope” Village provides a loving home for physically and mentally challenged children. The home does not have access to the city water supply, so they have been purchasing truckloads of water, which has been a strain on their budget. Due to the country’s recent hurricane crises, costs for all goods and services have risen sharply. A well would not only provide a continuous supply of water, it would also free up funds to offset the home’s rising operational costs.
An important role in a successful surgery is food; especially for growing children. Without the strength from nutritious meals children’s bodies are more at risk to problems during surgery and recovery is difficult. Cross supports a feeding program at a Christian hospital in the Dominican Republic that provides life-changing surgeries to poor children suffering from birth defects and spine and bone disorders. Three meals are given each day to the children, their parents, and the hospital staff.
Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic, hoping to find work and a better life. They often find themselves practically enslaved as their families live in conditions worse than what they left behind. Making only $3 per day, these immigrant cane-cutters don’t have enough money to feed their families, going days without food. Working through a Christian development group, MEBSH, Cross provides supplemental food bags — filled with beans, oil rice, flour, and sardines.
When 11 hungry children orphaned by a hurricane were found huddled in an abandoned building, a group of Christian women (with help from Cross) clothed, fed them, and they found families to take them in. The women continued to cook meals for the orphans and their new families, keeping them nourished and monitoring their care. That was in 2004. Today these women still cook the food that Cross ships in. They now feed nearly 170 orphans, plus the many homeless from the impoverished neighborhood.
Provide support for children and families suffering in the midst of disasters like Hurricane Ian.
An estimated 5 million families in the Philippines are in need of safe housing. These poor men, women, and children live each day on the edge of survival. Working with a Christian community development foundation, Cross is helping transform these dirty, dangerous slums into safe, beautiful communities with the hope of a brighter future. Several families are waiting to receive a well-constructed home. A gift of $2,500 will build a sturdy new house for a family in desperate need.
A shattered healthcare system complicated by poverty prevents many Afghans from seeking critical obstetric or surgical care. In 2005 a top-notch, Christian-based general and surgical care hospital opened in Kabul. High risk pregnancies, infections, and burn victims are commonly seen; as are the correctable birth defects and injuries. Most patients have no money to pay for the surgery they desperately need. Your gift will give them the surgery that could save their lives or make them whole again.
Instead of scavenging the garbage dump or wandering the dangerous streets, Guatemala City’s poorest children can find a safe haven at Potter’s House after-school program. With your help, fifty students will receive tutoring, clothes, school supplies, food, medical checkups, Bible-based teaching, and hope for the future. Potter’s House relies on funds from Cross to keep the program going, so that children can gain the tools they need to overcome poverty.
"Restavek" is another word for child servant. Over 250,000 restavek children – most of them girls – live with other families far from home. Though the "host" family may promise education in exchange for servitude, the child is more often abused – growing up illiterate and lacking self-esteem. Cross is helping the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Southern Haiti to provide an education to more than 50 children in 19 restavek centers where they discover what it means to be loved and cared for by God.
HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among adults in Guyana and one of the top killers of children under 5. AIDS orphans and children living with the disease have nowhere to turn for help. Ruimveldt Children’s Home & Care Center offers a safe haven to these children, providing them with the love and care they need. The 16 children living at RCHCC receive three nutritious meals a day, specialized medical care, and education. They are also shown the love of Christ through daily Bible study.
The Salvation Army operates several social outreach programs through a network of its own churches and in cooperation with other local organizations. They serve the poorest and marginalized people in underserved areas, which are plagued by criminality and gang activity. One of the biggest needs in these areas is food as many people, especially children, suffer from malnutrition. With support from Cross, the Salvation Army runs a feeding program for 180 people, who receive food once a month.
Casa de Vida is a safe haven for women and children who have escaped domestic violence. Started by four Christian women, Casa de Vida is more than a shelter - it's a place where families can transition to the life God wants for them. The women volunteers not only run the house but provide protection, knowledge, employment assistance, spiritual guidance, food, and anything else needed over a three-month period to help these families obtain the lives they deserve.
One in every 12 people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under 5. Responding to this urgent need, Cross is shipping containers of Vitafood to developing countries so local Christian ministries can feed starving people. Vitafood is a nutritionally-balanced food product specifically developed for malnourished and starving children. It is a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals sealed in an airtight packet.
In the poorest countries, chronic malnutrition causes birth defects and makes children vulnerable to spine and bone disorders. Tragically, many of these conditions go untreated because local hospitals are understaffed and the families cannot afford surgery. Christian orthopedic hospitals, supported by Cross, provide top-notch surgery, rehabilitative care, and pastoral counseling for disabled children around the world.
More than 90 orphans are lovingly cared for at the orphanage. They come to TIC thin, malnourished and with deeply wounded spirits, but the love of Christ transforms these orphans into healthy, happy children! TIC also has a primary school and a clinic. Providing meals to the orphans and lunch to 120 children (including 30 poor neighbor children) is very costly. Other basic operational expenses are also a burden. Cross seeks the help of U.S. Christians to support TIC's important work.
New Life Children's Home, a ministry of World Harvest Missions, began in 1977 as an outreach program for starving and sick children living in Haiti's mountain villages. It is now home to 80 orphaned, abandoned, and handicapped children from Port-au-Prince. In addition to a safe home, meals, and education, the children are showered with the love of Christ through the care of the dedicated staff. The home also nurses sick children back to health - especially those suffering from malnutrition.
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