WAY Media, Inc.

Colorado Springs, CO

Founded: 1985

Tel: (719) 533-0300

Website: http://www.wayfm.com

Top LeaderMr. Tim Dukes

Donor Contact: Mr. Billy O'Neal

Member Since: December 30, 2003

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $15,549,193
   Noncash Donations $384,814
   Other Revenue $3,160,755
   Total Revenue $19,094,762
   Total Expenses $15,711,642
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $26,998,689
Total Liabilities $8,978,266
Net Assets $18,020,423
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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Please note: The financial information shown reflects the entire WAY-FM ministry nationwide, and not just one radio station.

WayFM is influencing over 1 million people every week to love and following Jesus. Our mission is to point people to Jesus with meaningful music and honest conversation, every day on the radio and using digital and social media. Our results are best demonstrated by our local involvement in the communities where we serve, and in our commitment to ministry, both on the radio and behind-the-scenes. Our mission is to point people to Jesus with meaningful music and honest conversation, every day on the radio and using digital and social media. Additionally, we provide the following: 1. Spiritual Care: Host a prayer wall/ website to Get Prayer or Join us in Prayer. WayFM websites and apps provide listeners a place to submit their prayer requests, anytime day or night. This feature is used by approximately 25,000 annually. We also encourage our staff and volunteers to pray for these requests. We make sure that each request is prayed for 10 or more times, and that each person will receive 10 or more texts or emails that “someone at WayFM just prayed for you.” Our staff and volunteers prayed over 200,000 prayers last year. We employ two Prayer and Outreach Pastors, one full-time and one part time, that serve behind-the-scenes. These Pastors provide follow up ministry (we call it Spiritual Care) to several thousand each year that have reached out to us. They encourage and care-for hurting people, and strongly push them towards involvement in a local church. Offer Free Bibles. WayFM offers a free Bible to all those who request one. Approximately 4000 Bibles are mailed out, each year. Recipients include listeners who are incarcerated, destitute, or those new to, or seeking faith. Host Live Concerts and Events (And Virtual Events). WayFM, through its local stations, produces LIVE concerts and events (sometimes virtual events) annually. These events help us fulfill our mission, and make a connection between the stations, the community, the music, and the personalities that listeners hear. Tens of thousands attend WayFM concerts every year. Offer Free Air Time to Non-Profits. Each WayFM station offers at least 50 free announcements to non-profits organizations each month. Many of these organizations are small and often do not have the means to promote themselves in the community. The value of this airtime exceeds $200,000 per year. 2. Discipleship World’s Biggest Small Group. WayFM is helping our listeners towards ongoing spiritual growth, by providing the World’s Biggest Small Group. Last year, 45,000 participants joined the WBSG, This (virtual) small group is promoted annually across all our platforms, and features a daily email devotional with a spiritual theme or study. Well-known personalities and influencers join and participate in the group to share their own personal stories, and it’s all designed to help our listeners grow in their faith. Word on the Way. WayFM shares daily Bible verses

WAY-FM is impacting communities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and in many other states in the country. We are using media in a culturally relevant way to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus. Your donation will help us continue to reach out to the community.
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