Dallas International University

Dallas, TX

Founded: 1998

Tel: (972) 708-7340

Website: http://www.diu.edu

Top LeaderDr. Douglas Tiffin

Donor Contact: Ms. Tricia Reiman

Member Since: September 23, 2002

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,133,931
   Noncash Donations $2,167,950
   Other Revenue $1,549,562
   Total Revenue $4,851,443
   Total Expenses $4,185,064
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $5,530,322
Total Liabilities $241,545
Net Assets $5,288,777
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Dallas International University is a regionally accredited (SACSCOC) faith-based institution of higher education with a focus on preparing students to serve the marginalized minority-language people groups of our world through the development of their language, translation of the scriptures, expansion of their arts, and preservation of their culture. We offer a BA in Cross-Cultural Service, MAs in Applied Linguistics, Language & Culture Studies, Abrahamic Studies, and World Arts, as well as a PhD in World Arts. Our academic programs are designed to help our graduates learn minority languages where there is no teacher, cross culture barriers without offense, and work with multicultural teams.

The mission of Dallas International University, as an institution of higher education, is to provide education and research opportunities leading to degrees in applied linguistics, culture studies, and the development of languages. Our graduates serve in over 77 countries with 66 different sending agencies. At DIU we are committed to educating men and women to translate God's Word for the less than 2000 remaining people groups who do not have access to Scripture in their language.
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