World Hope International

Alexandria, VA

Founded: 1996

Tel: (703) 923-9414


Top LeaderMr. Patrick Nichols

Donor Contact: Ms. Lindsey Smart

Member Since: December 16, 1999

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $6,152,665
   Noncash Donations $7,404,616
   Other Revenue $2,450,171
   Total Revenue $16,007,452
   Total Expenses $16,141,345
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $3,162,194
Total Liabilities $930,938
Net Assets $2,231,256
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World Hope International (WHI) is a Christian-relief and development organization that works with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering and worldwide injustices. Founded in 1996, our vision is to provide those in need with opportunity, dignity, and hope so they can possess the tools for change in themselves, their family, and their community. WHI accomplishes its mission through health, anti-trafficking, clean water, disaster relief, education and economic development initiatives. WHI supports all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion. WHI uses market-based and community-driven enterprise solutions to empower, protect, and build resiliency through innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative projects. We deliver our programming through strategic local and global partnerships to create a maximal, sustainable impact.

By introducing the world’s most impoverished communities to supply chain best practices, sustainable farming, and livestock development techniques, farmers are able to better their production and preserve their land for future use. World Hope International’s agricultural programs help farmers grow more food for themselves or the market, combat hunger and provide long lasting food security.
World Hope International is committed to fighting human trafficking and gender-based violence both in the US and abroad. This includes our work managing multiple recovery centers for survivors of trafficking, trafficking hotlines to help report on and prevent trafficking and education campaigns. (To learn more, read the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Annual Report at:
The needs of children in today’s world are complex and deeply interconnected. Child sponsorship through World Hope International utilizes multiple program areas to complement one another and act as a comprehensive response to poverty with a specific emphasis on the child. Through the love and encouragement of their sponsor, sponsorship affirms that every child has been created in the image of God, has been named, and has a story worthy of being heard!
World Hope International believes that access to fresh water helps to sustain and prolong life, prevents the spread of disease, promotes an increased quality of life, and increases time for economic productivity. Since 2004, World Hope International has worked to drill clean water wells and provide necessary sanitation in some the world’s most impoverished communities. Hundreds of thousands around the world are living healthier, more productive lives because of clean water provided by WHI.
World Hope International’s Education program gives children hope for a future, as they realize that someone cares about their needs. By providing tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, WHI provides the essentials for children to receive an education. In addition, parents are taught how to provide for their families through vocational and community training, helping them to be better farmers or business owners, improved community members, and enhanced parents.
Thousands of communities around the world are affected every day by emergencies such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks, leaving the world’s most vulnerable people in urgent need of help to survive and recover. World Hope International aims to play an instrumental role in assisting the vulnerable when some of the greatest disasters strike by providing much needed supplies and support.
The majority of vulnerable communities WHI serves face dire situations in the areas of health and nutrition. To help provide a solution, WHI offers a wide range of health and nutrition programs. This includes programs that focus on children living with disabilities, maternal and infant health, breastfeeding, mothers support groups and more. (To learn more, read the 2015 Health and Nutrition Annual Report at
We are working with global and local partners in response to the invasion of Ukraine and the outflow of refugees into neighboring countries. With Ukraine under full attack right now, over half a million refugees have fled the country to friendly surrounding borders, including Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Moldovia. Women and children, infants in arms, and the elderly are making long and arduous treks to safety with what little they could carry with them.
When it’s a matter of life or death—World Hope International is moving quickly to address the needs of those in urgent need of relief during this hurricane. We got our team off to the Bahamas to support relief efforts there! The team will rendezvous with a pair of yachts, where they will work with YachtAid Global & other partners to distribute aid and set up the water makers.
Many impoverished communities around the world are ripe with natural resources, but lack the knowledge or opportunity necessary to form a market and delivery system to distribute and gain profit from their goods. Working at both the grassroots and global trading levels, World Hope International helps to lay the groundwork for business in developing countries through programs that promote entrepreneurship at the community level. This helps to create sustainable food and income security.
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