A Federal Parking Tax on Churches and Other Nonprofits? Is This for Real? Webinar
July 26, 2018

Webinar Details

  • Date: Thursday, July 26
  • Duration: 30-Minute Webinar
  • Time: 1:00pm EDT ~ 12:00pm CDT ~ 11:00am MDT ~ 10:00am PDT

Join us for the webinar on A Federal Parking Tax on Churches and Other Nonprofits? Is This for Real? with Michael Batts, Managing Partner of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee and Dan Busby, President of ECFA.

Learning Objectives

  • Context—The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought many changes especially for individual and corporate taxpayers. Buried in the details of the bill was a provision to assess an income tax on churches and other nonprofits for the costs they incur to provide parking for their employees.
  • Tax impact—Learn how, unless something is done to fix the issue, churches and other nonprofits will pay a 21% income tax on providing parking to their employees, costing ECFA members, with their over 100,000 parking spaces, millions of dollars each year and the overall nonprofit community, with over 15 million parking spaces, in the range of $1 billion dollars or more a year.
  • Calculating and paying tax—Learn how the tax is calculated and what forms must be filed to comply with the new law (both federal and state).  Many churches and other nonprofits do not file these forms currently.
  • Misinformation—Learn how misinformation is being spread about the new law.
  • Solution—Learn what you can do to help fix the issue.


Webinar Speakers

Michael Batts

Michael Batts

Michael Batts is a CPA and the president and managing partner of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, a national CPA firm dedicated exclusively to protecting nonprofits and their leaders across the United States. He was the chairman of the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations, a member of the ECFA board, and is the current board chair. Mr. Batts has more than 25 years of experience serving nonprofit organizations. He is a national speaker and author, having written three books and numerous professional articles on matters related to the nonprofit sector. In 2013, Mr. Batts was inducted into the National Association of Church Business Administration Hall of Fame in recognition of his significant professional contributions to the church community.


Dan Busby

Dan Busby

Dan Busby, President of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), has been involved in the work of the churches and nonprofit organizations for his entire career.

Dan has over 40 years of experience serving the Christ-centered church and nonprofit community and frequently speaks nationally on related issues. He is a prolific writer with 62 volumes of eight book titles published. His most recent books include a 2015 release, TRUST: The Firm Foundation of Kingdom Fruitfulness, a 2017 release, Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom, co-authored by John Pearson, and a release planned for mid-2018, Lessons From the Church Boardroom, also co-authored with John Pearson.


Continuing Education Credit

We are unable to offer continuing education credits for this webinar.

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