ECFA Staff

ECFA Leadership Team


Dan Busby, President

Dan Busby is the president of ECFA, an organization that accredits Christ-centered ministries in the areas of governance, financial management and stewardship/fundraising. ECFA’s seal enhances trust of givers, which increases generosity, providing greater resources to help fulfill the Great Commission. ECFA accredits over 2,400 churches and nonprofits. These organizations have annual revenue in excess of $29 billion.

Dan has over 40 years of experience serving the Christ-centered church and nonprofit community and frequently speaks nationally on related issues. He is a prolific writer with 68 volumes of 12 book titles published. His most recent books include a 2015 release, TRUST: The Firm Foundation of Kingdom Fruitfulness, a 2017 release, Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom, co-authored by John Pearson, and a 2019 releases, Lessons From the Church Boardroom, More Lessons from the Nonprofit Boardroom, and Tools and Templates for Effective Board Governance, also co-authored with John Pearson. 

Dan received a Master of Business Administration degree from Emporia State University, Emporia Kansas. The University also named him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2014.

Dan served as a member of the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations, a national legislative advisory commission convened to address legislative proposals for the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Times named him as one of the 50 Most Powerful Nonprofit Leaders from 2010-2015.


Michael Martin, President Elect

Michael Martin serves as president elect of ECFA. He oversees the compliance team, with a passion for helping churches and ministries maintain high standards of financial integrity through ECFA membership. Michael also uses his training as an attorney and CPA to contribute to ECFA’s many practical educational resources, including books, webinars, videos, podcasts, and more.

Michael has been privileged to support several key ECFA initiatives since 2011, including the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations and the launch of the website and the free resource community.

Beginning with the 2013 edition, Michael joined Dan Busby as a co-author of the annual Zondervan Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide and the Zondervan Church and Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide.


Warren Bird, Vice President of Research and Equipping

Warren Bird, Ph.D., is ECFA’s Vice President of Research and Equipping. He serves ECFA by increasing the scope, impact and depth of our knowledge base while equipping ECFA’s members to apply what ECFA is learning through research. Warren is widely recognized as among the nation’s leading students, researchers, and writers about megachurches. As @lensweet recently tweeted, “No one knows more about megachurches than @warrenbird.”

An ordained minister with a big heart for the local church, Warren has led in various pastoral positions, taught at several seminaries, and served most recently for 13 years at Leadership Network, overseeing their research department where they’ve released several dozen groundbreaking reports on topics like multisite churches, large-church compensation, church planting, and church internships and residencies. An award-winning writer, he has also co-authored 30 books for church leaders on topics like breaking growth barriers, healthy mergers, and pastoral succession.


Kim Sandretzky, Executive Vice President 

Kim Sandretzky serves as an Executive Vice President at ECFA. She leads an expansive communication program consisting of webinars, podcasts, videos, print and electronic publications, and other resources. Kim also is responsible for ECFA’s human resource area. She is privileged to work with a team of talented individuals who promote ECFA’s brand through advertising, marketing, social media, and website presence.

Kim has used her strengths to serve ECFA since 2008 and with great enthusiasm has overseen the development and launch of a first-ever church website. She provided oversight for several website upgrades, promotion of the ChurchEXCEL program, cloud database projects, and the development of the ServantMatch program.


Jake Lapp, Compliance Team Lead

Jake Lapp is a compliance team lead with ECFA. He serves ECFA by working with both new and renewing members as they strive to maintain high standards of financial integrity through ECFA membership.

Prior to joining ECFA, Jake worked as a CPA in public accounting and spent seven years working in denominational leadership. Jake has a passion to serve ministries as we all work together to fulfill the great commission.


Nicole Wallenfelsz, Compliance Team Lead

Nicole Wallenfelsz joined the ECFA team in 2015 and currently serves as compliance team lead utilizing her background as a CPA. Nicole came to ECFA after earning her MBA and serving in higher education.  

She works with nonprofits and churches through the application and annual renewal process.  Her passion is to come alongside ministries to encourage best practices and equip them to steward the resources trusted to them.


Staci Brown, Compliance Team Lead

Staci Brown serves ECFA as a Compliance Team Lead, where she assists applicants and existing members alike, with a particular emphasis on the annual renewal process and more extensive compliance initiatives. In 2019, she helped pioneer the new Standards Check-In program.

Staci joined the ECFA team after serving on both the launch team and then as Chief Financial Officer of a large church in Florida. She uses her experience and passion for the local church to help organizations maintain high standards of accountability and financial integrity, with a belief that this helps them fulfill their purpose of displaying God’s glory to the world.


 Katie Peyton, Compliance Team Associate

Katie Peyton is a compliance associate with ECFA. She serves ECFA through her work on ECFA’s annual State of Giving report and through the annual membership renewal process. Her primary role is in assisting and educating nonprofit applicants on compliance with ECFA’s Seven Standards.

Prior to joining ECFA in 2017, Katie worked as a CPA in public accounting and in the finance department of an ECFA member organization. Katie enjoys engaging with ministry leaders across the evangelical community as they faithfully carry out the work the Lord has placed on their hearts.


Bruce Ramer, Compliance Team Associate

Bruce Ramer is a compliance associate with ECFA who is grateful for any opportunity to serve ministries and churches in their application of ECFA standards. Engaging with members during their annual membership renewal process and in ongoing compliance efforts is the primary focus of his work.

Prior to joining ECFA in 2015, Bruce worked as a CPA in public accounting and with an ECFA member organization in accounting and human resources. Bruce values highly the people who serve within ECFA member organizations and is most grateful for this opportunity to serve the evangelical community.


Emily VerSteeg, Compliance Team Associate

Emily VerSteeg serves as an ECFA Compliance Associate, utilizing her accounting background to assist both new applicants and existing members with an emphasis on compliance with ECFA standards.

Emily joined the ECFA team after serving over 20 years in church administration and operations. Emily is passionate about leveraging her background as a CPA and her ministry experience to help organizations fulfill their mission while maintaining high standards of financial integrity, transparency and governance.