Succession Planning: 11 Principles (Index to 11 Blogs)

By John Pearson

Note: Below is a click-and-read index to 11 recent blogs featuring practical wisdom from the new ECFA Governance Toolbox Series No. 4: Succession Planning. Free to ECFA members, you can download the resource and video by clicking here.

But…before you click and read below, note this one last insight from the international bestseller, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter (Updated and Expanded), by Michael Watkins.

Board members should discern not only what CEO competencies they need for the next few years, but what kind of situation their new leader will inherit. Michael Watkins says there are four broad types of organizational situations—and there are risks. For example, a veteran CEO of a “Sustaining Success” organization may not be effective in a “Turn-Around” opportunity.

Start-up: “Building structures and systems from scratch without a clear framework or boundaries.”
Turn-Around: “Reenergizing demoralized employees and other stakeholders.”
Realignment: “Dealing with deeply ingrained cultural norms that no longer contribute to high performance.”
Sustaining Success: “Playing good defense by avoiding decisions that cause problems.”

OK…now click, read, and review the 11 principles featured in the last 11 blogs. Enjoy!

1) Principle No. 1: Avoid Buses and Boredom! - “My Heart Had Left the Building”

2) Principle No. 2: Discern Your Board’s Succession Values and Beliefs - “Appointment Without Anointment Always Led to Disaster”

3) Principle No. 3: Inspire Your CEO to Thrive With a God-honoring Lifestyle – “Is Your CEO Thriving or Just Surviving?”

4) Principle No. 4: Model Successful Succession in the Boardroom First - “One Size Fits All’ Is Bad Counsel”

5) Principle No. 5: Delegate Succession Planning to the Appropriate Committee – “The Ongoing Continuous Process”

6) Principle No. 6: Invest in Growing Your Leaders (Every Leader Needs a Coach) – “Does Your CEO Need a Coach?”

7) Principle No. 7: Trust God and Discern Direction! Wisdom on Ending Well - “Wise People Know When to Quit”

8) Principle No. 8: Plan for Plan A: Your CEO Retires - “Do I Still Have Fire in My Belly?”

9) Principle No. 9: Plan for Plan B: Your CEO Resigns – “The Five Stages of CEO Abandonment”

10) Principle No. 10: Plan for Plan C: Your CEO Is Terminated – “Hire Slower and Fire Faster”

11) Principle No. 11Discern If a Search Firm Would Be Helpful – “Differences Between Search Firms”

BOARD DISCUSSION: List one principle you are well-prepared for. List one principle that needs more attention by the board. Pray and discern!

TO DO TODAY: Download the Facilitator Guide and inspire your executive committee (or governance committee) to review the toolbox materials. Remember: every CEO is an Interim CEO!

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