Quid Pro Quo Sample Charitable Gift Acknowledgment

Receipt #____

Received from:  [Donor Name]

Cash received: $300.00

       Received on [Date]                                   

In return for your gift described above, we provided you with a study Bible with an estimated value of $30.00.

[Note: Insert the description of goods and/or services provided in exchange for the gift.] 

The deductible portion of your contribution for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of your contribution over the value of goods and services we provided to you. The $30.00 value of benefits you received must be subtracted from your cash contribution to determine your net charitable contribution.

[Note: For receipting purposes, it is not required to actually subtract the benefit from the cash gift, although it is a good approach for clear communication with donors.]

This document is necessary for claiming any available federal income tax deduction for your contribution. Please retain it for your records.

Receipt issued on:  [Date]

Receipt issued by:   [Name of Treasurer or Other Official]
                                    [Name of Ministry]
                                    [Address Line 1]
                                    [Address Line 2]


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