Happy Birthday! (When Is It?)

By John Pearson

Pop quiz for board chairs and all board members:

  1. When is your CEO’s birthday?
  2. When is your CEO’s employment anniversary at your ministry? How many years?
  3. Is your CEO a reader or a listener?
  4. What are your CEO’s Top 5 strengths from the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder assessment?
  5. What are your CEO’s most dominant spiritual gifts?
  6. On the social styles chart, is your CEO a Driver, Analytical, Amiable, or Expressive?
  7. What is your CEO’s love language?
  8. What is one thing on your CEO’s bucket list?
  9. What is your CEO’s favorite Bible verse?
  10. What are three of your CEO’s measurable goals for this fiscal year?
  11. Describe how God led your CEO to accept the leadership post at your organization.
  12. In honoring your CEO for achieving a key annual goal, would he or she prefer a plaque on the wall, or a cash bonus?

How well do you know your CEO? (Stay tuned for “Lessons Learned” in the next blog post.)

QUESTION: How well do you know your CEO—and why might that be important?


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John Pearson, a board governance consultant and author, was ECFA’s governance blogger from 2011 to 2020.
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