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IAS 2017

Join the Global Movement: "Partners in Accountability"


by Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D. - ECFA International Liaison


On 4-5 June 2017, Dan Busby, John Van Drunen, and I traveled to Melbourne, Australia to attend the second International Accountability Summit (IAS). IAS 2017 was sponsored by ECFA and hosted by CMASC (CMA Standards Council), our peer partner in Australia. As many members of the global network were unable to attend, this report summarizes the proceedings and reports the first fruits that have sprouted since then.


IAS 2017 welcomed 64 delegates representing 20 countries around the world: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Uganda, Uruguay, and USA. All 64 delegates traveled to Australia at their own expense and committed time and energy to attend.

“Partners in Accountability” marked the theme of the summit. We gathered with four specific objectives in view: (1) to strengthen relationships with local champions; (2) to share wisdom and resources; (3) to discuss challenges linked to financial transparency in church and ministry settings globally; and, (4) to pray for each other. Read more.




The Outcome of the 2016 European Generosity and Transparency Consultation By Dr. Sas Conradie

Thank you for your prayers for a productive 2016 European Generosity and Transparency Consultation. With enthusiasm, I would like to share the vision statement for a movement in Europe that was collectively approved by the participants in attendance.

Reclaiming generosity as a key part of our identity as transparent disciples of Christ so that through the Church we can be fruitful in sharing grace joyfully.

This statement summarizes the fruitfulness of this consultation. It came after presentations and discussions that I facilitated with 48 participants from 10 nations. Global Generosity Network organized the consultation in collaboration with the ECFA, Compass, and other organizations to ignite a vision for generosity and transparency in Europe.

One of the central themes of the consultation was facilitating greater generosity through better transparency. Dr. Gary Hoag, ECFA International Liaison gave clarity to this theme with a plenary address entitled, Financial Transparency and Christian Generosity: New Testament Insights for Modern Application. He exhorted attendees to teach principles of Christian generosity by: (1) studying the teachings of Jesus, (2) modeling simplicity and service, and (3) providing practical tips for people. Coupled with that, so that people have confidence to give, Dr. Hoag urged ministry leaders and finance professionals to set standards for financial transparency by (1) appointing approved administrators, (2) establishing procedures for handling ministry funds, and (3) preparing to give an account before God and man. The theme was then further discussed during an elective workshop on peer accountability standards in various nations and a possible European accountability initiative.

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CCTA Moves Forward By Angelito “Anjji” Gabriel

“Angelito, now we know how you felt when you visited us in Dallas last April!” Those were Gary Hoag’s first words when I met him and Wes Willmer after they landed on Philippine soil after about 24 hours of air travel. They were relieved to know that the first scheduled activity on their itinerary was to check in to their hotel to get much-needed rest.

A trip with a mission

What can be accomplished on a four-day ECFA visit to the Philippines? A lot, especially when members of a global network are praying for a fruitful trip to advance the faithful administration of God’s resources in the Philippines. These were the outcomes of their first ever visit to the Philippines from October 8-13, 2015:

•    Encouraged and energized the Christian Council for Transparency and Accountability (CCTA) board members to move forward with its governance, transparency, and accountability advocacy.

•     A great awakening in the practice of governance and steward­ship after the trainings facilitated by Gary and Wes.

•     Clamor from training participants and many others to get their own copies of ECFA Press books, The Choice and The Sower.

The two trainings, “Faithful Administration and Governance” and “Integration of Faith and Fundraising,” at Asian Theological Seminary were packed thanks to assistance from Zenet Maramara. More than 90 participants actively interacted in the teaching and discussion format that Gary and Wes facilitated.

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Accountability and Transparency of Christian Ministries in Korea by Dr. Ho Chan Hwang

What is the key factor for Christian Ministries' growth?

In last century, Korea has faced very unique historical events. The country was colonized by Japan, and soon after the end of the World War Two, the Korean peninsula went through a devastating civil war that caused countless casualties in addition to the total collapse of the nation’s economy.

However, despite losing everything and becoming one of the poorest countries in the world, South Korea went through a dramatic economic transformation within the last sixty years to become the tenth largest economy in the world.

Christianity in Korea shares a very similar history. One hundred years ago, the gospel came to this dark and hopeless country. Through all of the persecutions and criticism, Christianity in South Korea has survived and has become very influential. South Korea is the second largest country that dispatches missionaries.

Currently, identical to the Korean economy, Korean churches have entered into a stagnant period. As society and social values evolved, the development of culture and the diversification of the society that followed resulted in a decreased growth rate of Korean churches.

Nonetheless, separate from macro social changes, there is another factor that has caused the decline of Korean churches' social influence and growth: credibility.

Click here to read the article by Dr. Ho Chan Hwang.

Time for a Renewed Commitment to Accountability by Sarah Kanaiya (AfCAA)

We are at a critical time in history and the love and light of God needs to be seen in and through the church and other Christ-centered ministries, now, more than ever (Isaiah 60:1–3).As nations grapple with significant challenges related to the times in which we live, we have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the wisdom and compassion of the One to whom all nations belong, Jesus Christ.

We live in turbulent times. Economic and social injustices are on the rise, and humanitarian disasters caused by war, plagues, earth-quakes, terrorism and extreme weather are evident on every continent. Whilst these challenges present an amazing opportunity for the church to respond in a distinctive way as light and salt, we recognize that the lack of credibility facing churches in many nations hinders its ability to be capitalize on these opportunities. Our ability to speak with moral authority and bring healing into situations is impaired wherever it is perceived as untrustworthy or even worse, as part of the problem.

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