Deputized Gift Letter

Deputized Gift Letter

(For Workers Raising Their Own Support)


[Name & Address]

Re:  Designating Gifts


Thank you for your recent gift to­­­­­­ [Ministry]! Your support is vital to the ministry’s needs.

Be assured that we are committed to honoring donor expectations concerning gifts for exempt purposes and projects carried out by [Ministry]. We also are committed to high standards of accountability as evidenced by our membership in ECFA.

Recent IRS concerns

Gifts to support the work of missionaries and religious workers are charitable tax-deductible contributions in support of the ministry rather than individuals, if the organization fully controls the funds. Accordingly, the [Ministry] must control all contributions intended exclusively for its exempt purposes. In addition, the ministry must be committed to providing reasonable measures to ensure that giver-preferenced gifts are used for the intended exempt purpose(s).

Our policy

All gifts are under the control of the ministry to be used for its exempt purposes. In the unlikely event a project or program is over-funded or is not able to be carried out, the ministry will redirect the funds to a similar purpose.

Because of this policy, your gifts to support the ministry of specific [Ministry] staff are not gifts to or for the individual but to [Ministry] for its ministries. While the use of gifts for work conducted by [Ministry] staff are typically used in accordance with a giver’s preferences, at times the [Ministry] may redirect the use of these gifts.


To clearly communicate your preference to us, please indicate your desire on the response device and/or on your check. Wording on the response device or check should indicate that the gift is for “___[Ministry]___ conducted by [the Smiths]” to avoid any inference that it is a personal gift to the individual.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or want to talk about this further. Again, our desire is to avoid any problem or miscommunication that would negatively impact our givers or our ministry.

You are a strategic part of our team, for which we give thanks to Almighty God. May He richly bless your life as you fulfill your gift of giving to Him through the ministry of ___[Ministry]___.



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