Children Of Abraham Becomes an ECFA Accredited Organization

Children Of Abraham Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) announced today the accreditation of Children Of Abraham of Colorado Springs, CO.

ECFA accreditation is based on the ECFA Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™, including financial accountability, transparency, sound board governance and ethical fundraising.
Children Of Abraham joins a growing number of Christ-centered churches and ministries across America, supported by over 27 million donors that have earned the right to display the ECFA seal.  When an organization is accredited by ECFA, it demonstrates its willingness to follow the model of biblical accountability.

“We are pleased to accredit a ministry committed to communicate the saving message of Christ to a largely unevangelized Arabic community in and beyond North America,” said Dan Busby, president of ECFA.

Founded in 1977, Children Of Abraham ( focuses on two major groups: Arabs from a Christian background who settled in North America due to political conflict, religious repression, and stagnant economies and Arabs from an Islamic background.

To learn more about Children Of Abraham and their stewardship opportunities, visit ServantMatch®, ECFA’s program that matches God’s servants with the stewardship options of ECFA members based on ministry sectors and categories.  It is ECFA’s newest online feature that allows you to quickly and easily find giving opportunities.

ECFA, founded in 1979, provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with the ECFA Standards pertaining to financial accountability, fundraising and board governance.  For more information about ECFA, including information about accreditation and a listing of ECFA-accredited members, visit or call 1-800-323-9473.