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Thank you for your willingness to be considered as a possible nominee to [Name of Ministry’s] Board of Directors.

Terms are for [number of] years. The term you are being considered for begins at the conclusion of the March 20XX board meeting. New members will be invited to attend the March 20XX meeting as a guest.

In order to complete our nominating process, please answer the following questionnaire. Prior to completing the questionnaire, you will need to carefully read our mission statement and statement of faith.

In addition to submitting a résumé, please take time to answer the following questions:

  1.  Are you in full agreement with [Name of Ministry’s] mission statement? Please explain any exceptions or reservations.
  1. Are you in full agreement with [Name of Ministry’s] statement of faith? Please explain any exceptions or reservations.
  1. The ministry board meets at least twice per year, more often three or even four times. Scheduled meeting dates are [insert already scheduled meeting dates].
  1. To the best of your knowledge, would you be willing and able to attend these meetings?
  1. [Name of Ministry] is a nonprofit organization and does not compensate board members. Expenses related to meeting attendance and other direct board duties will be reimbursed upon request. Is this arrangement acceptable to you?
  1. Briefly describe why you are interested in serving on [Name of Ministry’s] board.
  1. What specific skills, experience, and perspectives will help you make a contribution to [Name of Ministry’s] board effectiveness?
  1. Would you be willing to serve on one or more board committees, recognizing that such service will require additional time?
  1. Please provide three references who have worked directly with you in a peer or oversight relationship. At least one reference should be a current or previous member of another board on which you have served. [Note: Not required for candidates who have previously served on the board.]

Please return your responses via email to



                                  Signature of Applicant                                                                      Date


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