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Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, P.A.

801 North Orange Avenue, Suite 800
Orlando, FL 32801

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Batts Morrison Wales & Lee is a national CPA firm dedicated exclusively to providing truly excellent professional services to churches, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations.  We are a highly experienced and motivated team of professionals, all of whom share a common passion for serving organizations that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of people.  We have that passion because we believe in the causes and purposes of our clients, and we have made it our life's work to help them successfully carry out their missions.

Our firm's national headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida.  We also have an office in Dallas (Plano), Texas.  From these offices, we serve nonprofit organizations across the United States.  We have the great privilege of serving churches and ministries of all sizes, from start-up organizations to some of the largest and most well-known churches and ministries in the country.  We are known by nonprofit leaders across the country for our dedication to helping churches, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations ensure that their financial bases are covered.

From the books, we have written and provide (at no charge) to our clients on nonprofit governance and financial topics, to sample policies, educational whitepapers, special alerts, web briefings, and the numerous other resources we offer, our proactive approach to sharing important information to assist our clients is unparalleled.

We offer your organization a wide array of professional auditing, tax, advisory, and related services. BMWL helps you:

  • Maintain strong donor trust and confidence, Produce highly effective financial reports,
  • Strengthen internal controls and financial oversight,
  • Improve overall risk management,
  • Maximize your tax exemptions,
  • Protect your tax-exempt status,
  • Provide board member governance orientation and training, and
  • Simplify your financial administration.

It is one thing for your CPA firm to respond to your organization's questions.  It is another thing for your CPA firm to help you know what questions you should be asking.  Discover the BMWL Difference.

Please visit us at or start the conversation with us by calling 800.960.0803.

Although we are a multi-location national firm, to simplify our communications with you, we coordinate all communications regarding our firm's services through our national headquarters office.

Additional Offices

Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, P.A.
7700 Windrose Avenue, Suite G300
Plano, TX 75024
Michael Batts
(800) 960-0803

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