ServantMatch® Connecting Givers with Ministries ServantMatch® is provided by ECFA to allow donors to quickly and easily find giving opportunities for participating ECFA accredited organizations. ServantMatch® allows you to search for opportunities that match your interests!

You have the option to search by ministry sector, category, keyword or geographic location. You may use these search options in combination with each other to narrow your search results to a specific giving opportunity, or you may use a single search option to find a broader range of giving opportunities.

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All ministry sectors will be searched unless you explicitly check the sectors that interest you.

The division of the nonprofit community into 12 sectors was performed by Calvin Edwards & Company (CEC), a philanthropic advisory firm. This classification is shared by ECFA, CEC, and the National Christian Foundation. Click here for more information.


ServantMatch® is a an ECFA program available only for ECFA accredited organizations. While ECFA accredits its members, any questions about listings should be directed to the specific ministry hosting the giving opportunity. If you have concerns about compliance with ECFA’s standards please let ECFA know.

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