"The Council is a remarkable text offering fresh and practical biblical perspectives on governance. I recommend that every leadership team and board read it!"

Matt Bird, Founder & CEO
Cinnamon Network International

"The Council is uncomplicated, to the point, and highlights parallels from Exodus through the New Testament and on into church history. Here for the 21st century is a refreshingly clear template with over 3,000 years of demonstrated efficacy behind it."

Dave Carder, Pastor of Counseling Ministries
First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because I could identify with the disconnect between practice and Scripture that I have encountered in over 25 years of governance in Christian organizations and churches. The recommended practical tools are deeply soul searching and are gems for organizational discipleship. I highly recommend this book so that we can ‘Walk the Word’ in governance."

Valentine Gitoho, Chairperson
African Council for Accreditation and Accountability

"I have been waiting for a book like The Council for over twenty years. Fortunately, Hoag, Willmer, and Henson have made it worth my wait. All three men are scholars and practitioners in their diverse areas. They are also churchmen who know board governance. The Council is chock-full of exegetical, historical, and pastoral insights. Apply the wisdom of this book and your board and administrative teams will thank you, and they will never be the same."

Keith R. Krell, Ph.D., Senior Pastor & Elder Chair
Fourth Memorial Church, Spokane, WA