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AbbaCare’s ministry is more crucial than ever to those facing unplanned pregnancy. Pandemic fears and financial concerns add to our clients' reasons for considering abortion. We come alongside these women and men with the love and support they need to see past the uncertainty of the present. Also, many of our clients have lost income as a result of Covid. As we provide them with diapers and other essentials for their baby, we have additional opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.
Asian Access LIFE Ministries
Needed: a secure digital platform providing leaders with a safe place! Here's what your gift will do: • Enable our leaders to stay connected securely and learn from each other, • Allow leaders and pastors to get proper information on COVID-19 to one another and their congregations, • Remove the fear of persecution for those living under governments where Christians are persecuted, and • Support a revival in process! Click the link for more info.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding to COVID-19 by providing food and aid for children and families in need. CHF works through corporate relationships and a global network of churches, making it possible to meet people around the world at the point of their need.The coronavirus was unexpected, and the need for assistance is immediate. Your gift to COVID-19 Relief allows us to respond with help and the love of Christ.
Christian Aid Ministries
Emergency food aid | Christian literature | Soap, disinfectant and preventive supplies | and more! . . . CAM has launched a CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project. This is to respond to the increasing number of physical and spiritual needs and opportunities coming to our attention from the poorer areas of the world, as well as the United States, as a result of this pandemic. Check out our website for project details.
Christian Aid Ministries
In India’s COVID crisis, many of the people that we don’t hear about in the news are the marginalized, the poorest, and others who need a helping hand to bring them and their families through this terrible time. Many lives are at stake and vulnerable families are in crisis. The economic impact of COVID-19 has brought long-term problems to India's poor, especially to impoverished day laborers. Our contacts in India are rising to the overwhelming task of meeting desperate needs.
Christian Aid Ministries Foundation
Did you know you can donate assets such as grain or cattle to support kingdom work? Are you selling your farm or business and need help with capital gains tax issues? Would you like help from a Biblical perspective on establishing a will or trust? Christian Aid Ministries Foundation's mission is to educate, motivate, and assist supporters in biblical stewardship planning. Our Biblical Stewardship Services department may be able to help you with the following services: ? Estate design assis
Crisis Aid International
In response to the urgent needs created by the COVID – 19, we are continuing and expanding the food program for families experiencing food shortages. We are also continuing to work with local school officials to identify and assist families needing help. In addition we have launched a NEW program to work with local churches to identify elderly and disabled people who are shut-ins, the homeless and families needing help. 100% of donations to this project will be used for buying and delivering the
Engage Hope Ministries
Engage Hope works with 11 ministry partners in areas of extreme poverty in Uganda and Mexico who have been the hands and feet of Jesus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Emergency Relief Program has helped provide food, housing, bibles, Christian education, & vocational training during the pandemic. If you would like to help, please click on the link and choose COVID19 Response as your donation option.
Extreme Response International
ER is stepping into the void left by the indefinite closure of our after-school programs for vulnerable kids in response to the Coronavirus. Closing our doors is depriving them of the healthy lunch we serve daily. For many kids, it's the only nutritious food they receive. We are now buying groceries and safely distributing them to these families. We need your help to keep this food distribution going. To donate, use the link and write "Emergency Food" in the notes.
General Baptist Council of Associations
The General Baptist Bible College has been educating Christian leaders in the southern Philippines since 1965. The school is composed of primary, secondary, and college level programs. Davao City mayor, Sara Duterte, placed the city on community quarantine on March 15, 2020. Under the executive order, community quarantine rules require people to stay in their homes and only leave for work, food or medicine, take out garbage, or go to the hospital. Mass gatherings are suspended as well, includ
Heaven's Family
Although so many things have been changing in the last several days, there's one thing that hasn't changed: Heaven's Family is still helping you transform lives around the world. We're so happy you are a part of this family—heaven's family. We're all under unprecedented hardship right now. But for the poor around the world, however, the impact is severe. Your compassion is needed now more than ever.
Heaven's Family
Around the world right now, desperation is crushing many families. But where there are hurting people, there is fertile ground for hope in Jesus. You can make a difference. Your special gift to Heaven's Family's 2020 Matching Gift Challenge will maximize the number of lives we can together impact in Jesus' name. Give now and have your gift matched.
Emergency funds go to support the immediate needs of foster youth in America and impoverished families in Ethiopia whose daily lives have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis. These demographics are in immediate need of water, food, and hygiene supplies to meet basic survival needs, as well as maintain the path to self-sufficiency after the COVID19 crisis.
KIDs Beach Club
Recognizing the need for children to have as much consistency in their lives as possible during uncertain times, KiDs Beach Club is taking our after school Bible program into the homes of children. Children who normally would be attending our high-energy school-based program but can't because their schools are closed due to the coronavirus can now get a video version with handouts at home. We are also resourcing churches with materials so that they can better assist families during this time.
MAOZ Israel Ministries provides aid to Israelis- both Jew and Arab. We are committed to helping our community during this Coronavirus pandemic! We are distributing food vouchers to bless many economically hurting families, especially during this season of Passover. We also help immigrants study Hebrew, provide job training, erase debt, start new businesses, meet medical needs, and help with down payments to purchase homes. We provide food, counseling, and assistance to widows and orphans.
Mercy's Gate
During the COVID-19 outbreak, Mercy's Gate is modifying usual programming to safely provide emergency, supplemental food boxes to Colorado Springs and El Paso County residents.
Mission Eurasia
Mission Eurasia continues to mobilize and equip evangelical churches in Eurasia/the former Soviet Union in their fight against the COVID-19 crisis. We're focused on preparing thousands of pastors and Next Generation leaders to give spiritual and practical leadership in this critical time. The needs are enormous! Your support and partnership help provide specialized training for moments like this, essential food, medicine, and life-changing Good News that only the gospel can provide.
Mission To Haiti
With the presence of COVID-19 cases in Haiti, our churches and schools have asked for help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the communities and villages where we serve. We have begun to buy and distribute hand washing stations so that people have access to sanitize water to keep themselves healthy and safe. We can provide a dozen hand washing stations for $165.
Open Arms International
Open Arms Village is currently in lockdown. Yet we still have over 150 children who need food and ongoing medications. Would you help us provide for their needs? Your gift will purchase essential items to keep them healthy, safe, and strong through the crisis.
ORPHANetwork provides health and nutrition to over 23,000 children living in garbage dump communities of abject poverty in Nicaragua. We provide nutritious meals through the local church in over 250 communities. Our holistic approach is designed to "earn the right" to share Jesus Christ to the children we serve. God has blessed our ministry by allowing our local churches to reach almost 20,000 children and parents for Jesus Christ since 2012. We ask for help with resources to purchase the food w
Project MedSend
MedSend healthcare professionals serve long-term in healthcare missions around the world. Today they are choosing to stay and bring hope for those battling COVID-19. And the urgency is greater than ever. They are committed to remain in the countries where they are serving, in order to be a light to their communities. The are on the front lines, fighting diseases like COVID-19, and bringing the hope of Jesus Christ, funding is needed even more in this critical time.
Reach One - Touch One Ministries
In response to the immediate crisis ROTOM has put together “Emergency Care Packages,” to be delivered to every participating senior and we are also striving to remedy the shortage of food and clean water. Protecting our seniors from this virus is essential. They are the most vulnerable to this pandemic and one step at a time, we are doing our best to meet their needs from a distance.
Samaritan's Purse
The Samaritan's Purse Emergency Field Hospital opened on March 20 in Cremona, Italy, to care for people sickened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our 14-tent, 68-bed respiratory care unit is set up in the Cremona Hospital parking lot in response to the hospital’s overflow of coronavirus patients. Our DC-8 aircraft transported the mobile medical facility and a large disaster response team, along with urgently needed medical supplies and equipment, to the pandemic's epicenter in northern Italy.
Second Mile Mission Center
Currently Second Mile is serving as many as 700 families with food in a matter of hours in response to the crisis surrounding COVID-19. Financial support will help ensure we can continue reaching people in need, especially our most vulnerable neighbors.
The Anglican Relief and Development Fund
ARDF's model is to work through the local church to bring hope and tangible help to communities around the world. In times of crisis, we do this through partners both here in North America as well as those around the Global Anglican Communion. Help us to respond to the needs of the church as they serve those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Your donation will allow church leaders to supply basic needs as they demonstrate the love of Jesus.
The Church of the Nazarene, Inc.
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries partners with clinics, hospitals, and community-based health care programs around the world to provide education, training, resources, and support for health care providers and communities in need of both physical and spiritual healing.
The Harvest Center of Charlotte
The Harvest Center of Charlotte's mission is to create a community where individuals affected by homelessness, poverty, or unemployment are empowered through our transitional programs and transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.
Union Gospel Mission of Yakima Wash
Our annual major fundraising event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis and we are now having an Ungala where friends and donors are invited to not get dressed up or find a handbag large enough for your hand sanitizer, not drive to the convention center, not eat a chicken dinner, BUT can give in their sweatpants, contribute online, by phone or by mail, and can eat a home-cooked meal with their family at home ALL while helping the Mission deal with the homeless and provide for their needs
Water Mission
Water Mission will provide urgently needed safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to under-resourced communities in developing nations. We are strategically situating trained staff that can assist communities in coronavirus-specific hygiene education, particularly in the promotion of preventive health practices such as handwashing. Our staff is well-equipped to help counter the spread of viruses in developing countries where medical facilities are often under-resourced and overrun.
Way Cool Angels
As the world comes to a grinding halt with the dangerous Coronavirus, Way Cool Angels is on the front lines training those in abject poverty how to clean and be clean. We are gifting those in need with groceries, necessities and toys. We are building relationships with those in need to replace fear, loneliness and desperation with God's peace, love, joy and a future in Him.
World Orphans
As we face the daunting challenges that have come with the spread of COVID-19, World Orphans is uniquely positioned to care for the most vulnerable families through the local church with necessary medical care, food, and education expenses.

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