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KIDs Beach Club
Recognizing the need for children to have as much consistency in their lives as possible during uncertain times, KiDs Beach Club is taking our after school Bible program into the homes of children. Children who normally would be attending our high-energy school-based program but can't because their schools are closed due to the coronavirus can now get a video version with handouts at home. We are also resourcing churches with materials so that they can better assist families during this time.
KIDs Beach Club
Beach Clubs are high energy, fun filled "kid centered" clubs that meet after school in public elementary schools. Beach Clubs incorporate the truth of scripture every time they meet. This allows the character words taught in school to be reinforced through the teaching of scripture. Beach Clubs are "connectors" that link a partnering church with an approved elementary school. KiDs Beach Club is the over-arching organizational umbrella allowing churches to have equal access to elementary schools.

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