Wise Giving Videos

There are many worthy Christian ministries to support. How do you decide where to give, how much to give, how to avoid charity scams, and what does the Bible teach about giving? Our Wise Giving Q&As and videos will help encourage and guide you in your giving decisions.

We want to assist you in making wise giving decisions. We believe giving to ECFA-accredited organizations is an excellent choice. Click here to find ECFA members.

Additionally, many ECFA members have posted specific giving opportunities. By using ECFA’s ServantMatch® tool, you can quickly find giving opportunities that match your interests!

The following short videos (1-2 minutes in length) are provided as a public service. ECFA member organizations and churches are encouraged to freely to share these videos with the ECFA logo through their website, eNewsletters, emails, worship services, or group events. Non-ECFA members can publicly share the videos without the ECFA logo from the WISE GIVING Q&A YouTube Channel.

Biblical Insights on Giving

Practical Advice on Giving

Help for People Struggling with Giving

Inspirational Generosity Videos

TV Clips on Giving and Generosity

Teaching and Testimony Videos


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