Generosity Stores

There are many worthy ministries to support within the Body of Christ. Like many people, you may be overwhelmed by all the needs in the world. Wanting to do your part to help, you may also wonder where to begin giving of your time, talents and financial resources.

At ECFA, it is our goal to assist donors in making wise giving decisions. While we do not tell you which ministry to support, the resources listed below may provide you with helpful tools to facilitate your decision-making process.

  • Willow Creek Association
    There’s no better time than the present to help yourself and your congregation learn how to handle money God’s way.
  • GenerousChurch
    GenerousChurch books are powerful resources for you, the church leader, to use with your people. Whether for individual study, small group study, or use in developing a preaching series, these materials will help you change the money conversation in your church while growing hearts of generosity in powerful, exciting ways.
  • MAXIMUM Generosity
    Pastor Brian Kluth’s proven downloadable materials to inspire generosity & increase giving year-round.


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