Never in history has trust been so attacked on a daily basis. That is why those who lead and serve Christ-centered ministries—the target audience for his book—need to be intentional about building and maintaining trust.

When Jesus radically changes us, our “trust factor” goes way up. And radically changed people are serious about fundamental ministry issues like governance, financial management, and raising resources.

Anything less than a full-trust environment creates a distraction from the mind-blowing good news of the Gospel—giving some the justification they seek to disbelieve the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When we are trusted, we not only please Him, but we enhance His reputation and give others the right impression of Christ. The power of trust—trust that a ministry is reliable, good, and honest—based on the truth of God’s Word is undeniable. Trust changes everything.

Do you want to enhance trust in the ministry you serve? This book is for you!

Quotable Quotes
Dan Busby was born and raised in Kansas and educated at Emporia State University. He has served ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) for 25 years in volunteer and staff capacities—as president from 2008 - 2020, and president emeritus since May, 2020.

A Christ-centered ministry that lacks trust is like a teenager running through a fireworks factory with a lit blowtorch. It isn’t whether something is going to blow up—it’s just a matter of when. Dan Busby

Verifiable accountability is not a suggestion. It is the principle Jesus taught the disciples—and us! Dan Busby