ECFA Governance Toolbox Series

Many people believe that "as the board goes, so goes the ministry." That's why ECFA is providing this ECFA Governance Toolbox Series and other resources to enrich your tenure as a board member and steward. You were called by God to protect and advance the ministry of your organization. May God grant you wisdom and vision!

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Series 1 - Recruiting Board Members
Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment: Cultivation, Recruitment, Orientation and Engagement.
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Series No. 2 - Balancing Board Roles
Understanding the 3 Board Hats: Governance, Volunteer, Participant.
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Series No. 3 - Conflicts of Interest

Addressing Board and Organizational Conflicts of Interest.
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Series No. 4 - Succession Planning

Eleven Principles for Successful Successions.
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