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Adventures in Missions
Church-to-Church offers American churches the opportunity to spiritually and physically support a sister church internationally (examples: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc.). These partnerships are also offered domestically in disaster relief areas like New Orleans and through our Native American ministries on Indian reservations throughout the United States. Please help us as we offer partnerships and true relationship in areas of great need.
Adventures in Missions
Support the Ambassador Mission Trip program in which high school students participate on a trip from 2 weeks to a month. Whether it’s a sports camp in Romania, a prayer walk in a Guatemalan volcano, or earthquake relief in Haiti, it will be an adventure they will never forget!
Adventures in Missions
Orphans are close to the heart of AIM, as we believe God cares deeply for the fatherless. Support our work in fulfilling James 1:27 by giving to the Orphan Fund.
AMG International
Faced with emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, AMG International's disaster relief ministry stands ready to provide desperately needed assistance when the need arises. AMG International has a long history of disaster relief. In fact, AMG was born in the 1940’s to help provide for the needs, both physical and spiritual, of war-torn Greece during and following World War II.
AMG International
Showing the love of Christ through medical care quickly breaks down walls and opens hearts. AMG operates medical facilities ranging in scope from basic-care clinics in places like Haiti and Uganda, to leprosy clinics and an ophthalmological surgery center in India, to the state-of-the art, full-service St. Luke's hospital in Greece.
Brandywine Community Church
God has burdened Brandywine Community Church to provide water purification systems in response to the cholera epidemic that started in 2010. We currently have 20 systems in the country providing clean, life saving drinking water. In May 2015, we helped install the first large scale, solar water purification system at the Christ Compassion Orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti.
Breathe Partners
Each year, thousands of children in Haiti struggle for clean drinking water. No other single intervention is more likely to have a significant impact on global poverty than the provision of safe water. For $2, you can provide clean drinking water to 1 child for 2 months in Haiti. Please consider giving to this life sustaining ministry.
But God Ministries
The Bread of Life (Pen Lavi) Malnutrition Center is located in Ganthier, Haiti. Children with severe acute malnutrition need very specialized daily care to get better. Before Pen Lavi opened, malnourished patients were sent 2 hours away to an unfamiliar place. Parents had difficulty visiting and could not receive needed nutrition education and counseling. Pen Lavi and its staff help these children heal physically, and educate and encourage parents while sharing the love of Jesus.
Childcare Worldwide
Provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity. Not only will your child have food, clean water and access to medical care as needed, they will receive an education that leads to employment, giving them the skills to provide for themselves. In addition, your child will hear about Jesus and be trained to have Christ-like character. For only $40 per month, you can radically change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!
Children of Promise
Children of Promise offers food, education, health care, and spiritual nurture to over 4,500 children in 29 countries. Sponsors generously give to support their children monthly at $32, $38, or $50. COP retains 20% to "make it all happen." This covers about 50% of the funds necessary to run the ministry. We must depend upon individuals, groups, and churches to help us provide the remaining funds to operate the ministry. Please consider supporting the "Making It All Happen" Fund.
Children of Promise
As an international child sponsorship program in 29 countries, Children of Promise periodically faces the issue of sponsors who cannot continue to sponsor their children in need. Rather than stop the children's benefits (food, schooling, health care, and spiritual nurture), we utilize the Unsponsored Children Fund to cover their benefits until we find new sponsors. This provides stability and continuity to the children's experience. Monthly sponsorship amounts are $32, $38, and $50.
Children of the Nations
Children of the Nations® (COTN®) provides children with holistic care built on a foundation of sustainable practices. Our WARM (Water, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Microenterprise) practices focus on an integrated approach to sustainability. In each instance, we are looking to transform resources into long-term solutions and not just transact short-term results. Click to join this effort and empower children in need today, tomorrow, and forever!
Children of the Nations
You can bring a smile to a child halfway around the world! SmilePacks contain needed items such as Bibles, school supplies, and hygiene products. They help us go above and beyond in providing for our children’s physical, spiritual, and mental needs. SmilePacks are a practical way for you, your group, or church to have a real impact on the life of a child in need.
Children's Hunger Fund
A Food Pak is a twenty-pound box full of nutritious foods—canned fruit and vegetables, dried beans and pasta, cooking oil, soup mix, granola bars, and peanut butter. A Food Pak may seem like a small thing, but something special happens when it is delivered to a helpless child by someone who cares. Consider making a donation to CHF and provide the most effective way to care for a needy family by bringing help directly to their door!
Children's Lifeline
For only $25.00 per month you can help save and support a child in Haiti! These kids are waiting for your help to meet the basic needs of food, clean water & medical care!
Christian Aid Mission
You can provide a gift of a Bible, clothing, meals, medicines, goats and chickens, well, supplies to rebuild church buildings and more with the 2016 Christian Aid Mission Christmas Catalog!
Christian Aid Mission
Malnourishment is a world-wide epidemic that contributes to the death of an estimated five million boys and girls each year. Some children consider themselves lucky if they get one good meal a day. In dozens of countries, Christian Aid-assisted ministries operate feeding programs that provide physical and spiritual sustenance to orphans, homeless street kids, and youngsters from impoverished families. As they receive care in an loving environment, they are open to the good news of Christ.
Christian Blind Mission International
Become a CBM partner and you can give miracles of sight, ability and hope every month! Your gift will offer children hope, take whole families and communities out of grinding poverty, and build bridges between them and their communities.
Church of God Ministries
The Disaster Relief Fund for the Church of God (Anderson, IN) is administered by Church of God Ministries, Inc. The fund provides humanitarian assistance to churches and individuals affected by natural or man-made disasters.
Compassion International
Support Compassion's core programs by addressing obstacles like natural disasters and health epidemics. Make a tax-deductible donation today.
Compassion International
When natural disasters strike, Compassion's Disaster Relief Fund provides sponsored children and their families with food, clothing and basic supplies to help them cope and begin to rebuild their lives.
Compassion Radio
The Door of Hope Project is a partnership between Compassion Radio and a mission church under the leadership of incredible servants of God, Don and Cheryl Allen. Since this project began, hundreds of babies have been rescued from certain death! This is one of the most needed and wonderful ministries anywhere in the world. Your generous gift today ransoms a real child from certain death. Our goal is to provide support for at least 25 children for one year.
Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope mobilizes resources and trains churches and other groups to conduct community outreaches, respond to disasters, and direct other compassion initiatives in the United States and around the world. Convoy of Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves in the United States and around the world providing disaster relief, building supply lines, and sponsoring outreaches to the poor and hurting in communities.
Convoy of Hope
With millions of children going hungry and lacking access to clean drinking water each day, we focus heavily on providing the basic necessities of life to those in need. Currently, Convoy of Hope is expanding its feeding initiatives to more than 100,000 children in seven nations. We also provide clean and safe water, teach community leaders agricultural techniques, and help provide healthy living environments and education.
CRISTA Ministries
World Concern is a Christian global relief and development organization. With our supporters, our faith compels us to extend life-saving help and opportunity to people facing the most profound human challenges of extreme poverty. The solutions we offer create lasting, sustainable change. Our areas of expertise include disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance and health.
Cross International
The 6,600 students who attend the 18 CBC schools would not be able to stay alert and learn were it not for the meal they enjoy daily; the only meal most will eat that day. Avoiding unnecessary customs costs and while helping the local economy, CBC purchases all of the food for its schools and orphanage from Haitian suppliers. Our drivers are dedicated Christians who willingly face the risk of kidnapping and robbery to transport the food to the schools.
Cross International
When the Haiti earthquake struck several years ago, Cross mobilized donors and trusted Haitian mission partners to rush immediate aid to traumatized refugees. We shipped food, water and medical supplies to survivors as quickly as possible. More than two years later, the healing process continues. Cross is still working hard to meet the needs of our Haitian partners and the communities they serve—communities that need food, housing, medical care, education and the hope of Jesus Christ.
Cross International
El Shaddai Ministries provides a Christian education for more than 500 students in impoverished Haiti. With education, these children have an chance to climb out of the poverty that permeates their lives. Many families are so poor they typically eat only one meal a day. Hunger impedes learning; so El Shaddai provides a hearty meal for students twice a week. They want to serve 5 weekly meals, but lack the funds to do so. With your gift, needy students can focus on learning unimpeded by hunger.
Cross International
Espoir “Hope” Village provides a loving home for physically and mentally challenged children. The home does not have access to the city water supply, so they have been purchasing truckloads of water, which has been a strain on their budget. Due to the country’s recent hurricane crises, costs for all goods and services have risen sharply. A well would not only provide a continuous supply of water, it would also free up funds to offset the home’s rising operational costs.
Cross International
When 11 hungry children orphaned by a hurricane were found huddled in an abandoned building, a group of Christian women (with help from Cross) clothed, fed them, and they found families to take them in. The women continued to cook meals for the orphans and their new families, keeping them nourished and monitoring their care. That was in 2004. Today these women still cook the food that Cross ships in. They now feed nearly 170 orphans, plus the many homeless from the impoverished neighborhood.
Cross International
New Life Children's Home, a ministry of World Harvest Missions, began in 1977 as an outreach program for starving and sick children living in Haiti's mountain villages. It is now home to 80 orphaned, abandoned, and handicapped children from Port-au-Prince. In addition to a safe home, meals, and education, the children are showered with the love of Christ through the care of the dedicated staff. The home also nurses sick children back to health - especially those suffering from malnutrition.
We know you care about people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian partner of Cru, has a team on the ground now. Your support helps in two ways. First, you provide basic needs for families in shelters. Second, you assist in rebuilding lives as teams serve as the hands and feet that extend the kindness of Jesus. Consider a gift today to meet hurricane victims at their point of need with crucial supplies.
GAIN exists to express the love of Jesus Christ in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME has been blessed with a full warehouse of medical supplies. There are Christian hospitals and clinics around the world that have critical shortages for medicine and many other medical supplies. Your gift can help send these critical items to those who need them most.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME is passionate in taking help and hope in the name of Christ to the unreached and underserved in the world through medical evangelism.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
As God provides resources, FAME seeks to subsidize funding for healthcare projects. Working in partnership with international missions that serve communities with little or no medical care, FAME helps equip them with the necessary tools to provide quality healthcare. Your gift can help in providing the funds for clinics, hospitals, and mobile medical units that are life saving.
FIRE International
FIRE International has over 180 missionaries around the world. We offer the opportunity to contribute to individual’s personal support, humanitarian projects, orphanage and children's home projects, building and land projects, schools, etc.
First Assembly of God Life Center of Tacoma
Each summer we send a dozen or more people from our church to minister to some of Haiti's poorest people through Mission of Hope Haiti. Each "missionary" must raise their own funds to cover the cost of the trip, which is approximately $2,000. In addition, we raise funds to provide Bibles and medical care, as well as home restoration projects. In 2015 we built a new home for a family in need. In 2016, we would like to raise enough funds to build two new homes.
Foothills Christian Church
Working with Global Vision Citadelle Ministries in Haiti, we plan to take land the ministry has and turn it into a sustainable farm. This will require developing the land into a farm and then spending 2-3 years training people how to run and maintain it. One 5 acre farm could produce enough food to feed 300-500 children and employ 10-20 people.
Global Operations and Development
Giving Children Hope serves vulnerable children and families across the street and around the world. One way we do this is through the gathering and redistribution of medical supplies and equipment to other nonprofit partners, clinics, or hospitals internationally. Join us as we provide medical equipment, medicine and medical supplies to regions affected by poverty and disease. To donate please contact Drew Bryson at 714-523-4454.
Global Operations and Development
Did you know that there are more than 30,000 children considered homeless in Orange County? Giving Children Hope provides backpacks of food to a portion of these children, but the need continues to grow. In places like the Philippines, we provide families with nutritious food after disasters like the typhoon. Join us as we provide nutrition and food supply to children and families affected by hunger and homelessness. To donate please contact Drew Bryson at 714-523-4454.
Global Outreach International
We mobilize and support men and women -- sent by the Church -- at zero cost to them, passing through 100% of their donations and taking no administrative cut. Your gifts allow us to sustain and expand our missionary care, as well as grow our missions family, so that more people in more places can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Go To Nations
Each year, Go To Nations conducts numerous medical clinic outreaches around the world. The doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who participate in these short-term trips give generously of their time and talents--literally becoming the healing hands of Jesus Christ to the sick and the poor. Donate now to support this vital ministry.
Grace International
Our beautiful 2-story "Love of Jesus Girls' Home" building was severely damaged by the Easter Sunday, 2010 earthquake and cannot be repaired to be safe enough for the orphaned girls to live in it. They have been living outside, under tents and plastic tarps since the earthquake. We need your help now to build a safe earthquake proof building where the children can live with peace of mind.
Grace International
The Lord's Kitchen program was established on Easter Sunday in 2010 with the intent of feeding over 5,000 2010 earthquake survivors, including children that live as refugees under tents and tarps on our mission compound. Your financial support is greatly needed in order to continue the feeding. Pastors with their churches and all who care are welcome to come and host a week of this outreach thus feeding their Haitian brothers and sisters both physically and spiritually.
Grace Mission
Grace Mission is small but mighty in relieving hunger for hundreds of people in northern Haiti. Through a trustworthy distribution system we have fed hundreds at the Drop of Love School in Limbe, distributed food to the most needy after the recent hurricanes, sent food to distant drought stricken areas in northwestern Haiti and supported our orphanage. Donated corn, beans and powdered milk are the featured products shipped via container. Your gifts help ship and distribute this food.
Hands and Feet Project
Provide funds necessary to care for orphans in Haiti and Nicaragua. Sponsor a child in Haiti and provide food, clothing, medical expenses, utilities, and school tuition. Through the orphan prevention program, we educate, mentor and provide formula and milk for mothers on the verge of giving up their children.
Healing Haiti
Help build three brick fired ovens for bread and pizzas. Once finished, we will select 25 different poor families to work at the Grace Village Community Kitchen. We will furnish each family the raw ingredients and training to build their own bakery business. They will be able to bake enough breads and pizzas not only to feed their family but also to sell, purchase additional ingredients bake more goods to keep their business going. This self-sustaining job creation makes life-sustaining change.
Healing Waters International
Would you like to see safe water provided in the name of Jesus in every poor community of the world? Support Healing Waters International as we empower local ministry partners to bring physical, social and spiritual transformation to poor communities by providing sustainable, safe water solutions. We currently operate in twelve countries located in Latin America and Africa.
Hope for the Hungry
To fully provide for a child in our orphanages, it costs $88 per month. Giving to our kids' homes will give them food, shelter and water every day. Please give today! To donate, call (254) 939-0124.
Hope Force International
Hope Force is interfacing with various partners, as well as domestic groups desiring to engage in Haiti in the aftermath of the destruction. Hope Force International is committed to response, relief and recovery.
HOPE International
Since 1997, HOPE International has invested in dreams through Christ-centered microenterprise development, empowering families to put their God-given resources to work and inviting them into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. HOPE is passionate about seeing men and women equipped to provide for their families, meet needs in their churches and communities, and build a thriving marketplace.
Hopegivers International
For just $35 a month you can help support a Hope Home filled with orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children. Your sponsorship will provide the children with food, shelter, medical care, an education, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.
International Aid
For every $1 donated, we provide $71 worth of medical equipment, supplies and healthcare resources to people in areas of greatest need, all around the world and in our own country.
Justice and Mercy International
Annual flooding in the Amazon region is continuing to worsen. More than 167 million people have been affected by recent rainfall, and parts of the area have been declared in a state of emergency. JMI can offer immediate assistance through distributing food bags to families that have been displaced by flooding.
Kids Around the World
You can make a one-time donation to our Food Program and help make a difference in a child’s life. Your donation will go towards helping provide food for starving children all over the world. Donations make it possible for us to order more supplies and cover the costs of shipping food worldwide. All donations are tax deductible. With the cost of each meal being 25 cents, your donation can go a long way.
LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
At the heart of LIFE’S mission is Jesus’ command, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” (Mark 16:15 NKJV). In every outreach, be it Mission Feeding, LIFE Centers, Water for LIFE or Homes for LIFE, we cultivate every opportunity to share the Gospel.
LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
Water for LIFE not only delivers safe, clear water with every well, but the wells become an ongoing witness of the love of God in the community. Every well is a wonderful gift of life, made possible with the help of our friends.
Lifeline Christian Mission
You can give a Haitian family a fresh start in a 2-room, cement block home where there is no threat from tropical storms/hurricanes, thieves, or varmints.
Lifeline Christian Mission
In four simple steps, you give hope, as you package nutritious, shelf-stable meals for hungry kids and families around the world! It's a fun, hands-on project for all ages. For more information, contact
Love A Child
We respond to the many crisis in Haiti such as the wide-spread poverty and starvation and natural disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, floods, high winds, etc. We have an orphanage that houses more than 80 children; 18 schools for the poor children in remote and rural parts of Haiti; medical clinics; feeding programs to stop malnutrition; child sponsorship programs; and development for sustainability projects, including agricultural training and reforestation.
MANNA Worldwide
MANNA Worldwide is diligently working to break the cycle of poverty for needy children around the globe. With 172 individual projects in 40 different countries, we are able to serve thousands of children daily through our Nutrition Centers, Orphanages, Schools, Medical Clinics, Clean Water Projects and Micro Finance Ventures. By partnering with us, you are helping to bring change to those who need it most.
MAP International
MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities. Recognized for our 99% efficiency rating, we respond to the needs of those we serve by providing medicines, preventing disease, and promoting health to create real hope and lasting change. Visit to learn more, or go to to learn how you can get involved.
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Help MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) bring desperately needed aid and assistance to needy people in remote places. You can help open the doors to the Gospel in places you'll never go. Avgas keeps most of our airplanes flying. In some areas it's $19 a gallon! Please help MAF to cover these costs.
Mission Lazarus
Francis Assisi once said, "Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words." Are you looking for a way to put your faith into action? Get involved by joining or leading a group, interning with us for a summer or volunteering long term. Finances are necessary to support our ministry. Please partner with us!
Mission Possible
Mission Possible owns and operates eight schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic which allow approximately 2,500 pre-school through high school students to receive a Christian education and a nutritious school lunch. Our schools provide an excellent learning environment, high academic standards, and Biblical instruction. Through our student sponsorship program, children are offered a life-changing opportunity to discover their God-given possibilities.
Mission Safety International
Support Mission Safety International as we provide aviation safety training so that more supplies are distributed to needy people, more medical services are given for hurting people, fewer missionaries make dangerous treks through the jungle, more time is spent spreading the Gospel, and there are fewer aircraft accidents!
Mission to the World (PCA)
Through our various ministry opportunities you will find giving options for Church Planting, Mercy, Church based Relief, Theological Education and many others.
Missionary Ventures International
We would pay six dollars for one value meal. Consider spending six dollars to purchase enough seeds to plant a whole acre of land. This would provide black beans, peanuts, corn, etc. for a hungry community.
New Mission Systems International
As a missionary training and sending organization, NMSI fosters the emergence of Jesus-following communities globally. Our vision is to support and place people in fields of service to minister God's love so that people of all nations may be saved. We are solidly evangelical in belief and unashamedly evangelistic in action, knowing that we are commanded to disciple the nations. Globally, we serve in over 30 countries meeting a wide range of spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
In Haiti, children with special needs and the elderly are often cast aside. The Miriam Center is a facility that provides care for dozens of children with special needs. The Gran Moun facility takes in elders in need of care, and helps to restore in them their sense of great value and worth. By "adopting" these beautiful people, you can provide them with a life they would otherwise not have. Your donations will help support the children and elders in Haiti!
One Child Matters
The Children’s Crisis Fund (CCF) helps us respond quickly to disasters and provides preventative medical care. From an unexpected medical need to a natural disaster that devastates a community, CCF brings hope to a child, so that they know they are known, cared for, and deeply loved.
One Vision International
Your donations go toward various needs in our organization. Unspecified donations will help offset the cost of the trips for individuals, provide fundraising materials, pay for administrative costs, and support local missionaries. Donations are also used to buy medical supplies, Vacation Bible School supplies, construction materials, food, clothes for orphans, and orphanage materials (beds, refrigerators, etc.). Please consider giving either one time or on a regular basis.
Plant with Purpose
About 70% of the world's poor are rural families who depend on agriculture to survive, but the land isn't producing enough. Plant With Purpose partners with smallholder farmers in six countries to transform lives. Agriculture training and reforestation improve crop productivity for food security and higher incomes; sustainable savings-led microfinance empowers participants to maximize their own resources; and church mobilization programs equip congregations to lead community development efforts.
Prison Fellowship International
Millions of children around the world have lost one or both parents to imprisonment. These innocent victims of crime are hungry, frightened, and alone—left to live in dangerous situations and at risk for repeating the cycle of crime just to survive. Your donation helps provide nutritious food, medical care, a safe and loving home, schooling, and Christian counseling. Thanks to a generous matching gift from a group of committed Christians, your donation will double in value. Please help us!
Reciprocal Ministries International
RMI is responding to the overwhelming need for food by providing food packets. We need your help to get this food into the hands of needy, hungry families! For $25, a case of these food packets will provide one meal every day for a month. That is 216 hot nutritious meals for less than 12 cents a meal. What better way to have an immediate, practical effect on a Haitian family’s life?
Reciprocal Ministries International
A transitional home provides dignity to a family in Haiti who has lost everything; it provides a sense of normalcy. Each transitional home costs $6,800. This cost includes: prefabrication, shipping to Haiti, concrete slab, transportation, labor, placement, assembly in place, follow-up, and a Haitian Bible for every family. You can cover the cost of a home, or you can help with a part of a home.
Reciprocal Ministries International
Hope for Kidz is a child sponsorship program founded by Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI) in 1999 to meet the educational and physical needs of Haitian children who are unable to attend school due to their severe poverty. For only $28 per month, you can sponsor a child today.
Reel Life International
Reel Life helps mobilize churches and individuals for short-term missions. As we serve those in need, our desire is to encourage and strengthen the local church within the targeted community. Join us as we engage in sustainable, gospel-centered projects in areas such as education, medical assistance, clean water initiatives, adequate housing and orphan care. You can help make a lasting difference in the lives of those in extreme need. Get involved today, and live a life that leaves a legacy!
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares is engaged in short and long term disaster relief in partnership with churches and local agencies in the communities affected by disaster. We provide a tangible expression of God's love to the hurting.
The Brooklyn Tabernacle
Our ministries in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel have been directly involved in providing food, water, shelter and spiritual counsel to thousands of Haitians. Your gifts to the Haiti Relief Fund continue to make a difference and are being used exclusively to provide food, clean water, shelter to families, and to help rebuild the ministries in both Port-au-Prince and Jacmel.
The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
CBN's Orphan's Promise provides food, clean water, housing, health care, education, job training and placement, and small business development assistance to orphans and vulnerable children around the world.
The Christian Relief Fund
Both in the United States and abroad, the Christian Relief Fund helps thousands of victims of famines and disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wars, etc. by providing funds for food, blankets, shelter, medical help, and the means to rebuild homes and lives. Included in disaster relief are shipments of sea containers of medical supplies for hospitals and orphanages in impoverished countries, such as Romania.
The Christian Relief Fund
Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, so a child providing for a family of 4 in Sub-Saharan Africa must carry 128 pounds of water daily. The demands of retrieving water leaves little time for children to go to school. And the great disaster is that most of the water they carry is already polluted. The Horn of Africa is facing the worst drought in 60 years. In some areas, it hasn't rained in 4 years. 12 million people lack adequate food and water. Help us bring clean water to those in need!
The Christian Relief Fund
CRF supports schools in many countries around the world. These schools educate children who have no other opportunity to go to school. Our support covers cost of children's tuition, construction of school buildings and teacher salaries. Give today and and help share the love of Christ with children in need.
The Evangelical Free Church of America
EFCA ReachGlobal crisis response provides immediate relief and long-term strategies to restore communities and individuals affected by disasters worldwide.
The Evangelical Free Church of America
EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response is uniquely positioned to bring the hope of Christ following Hurricane Matthew. Follow the latest updates on Hurricane Matthew and learn how you can help in the recovery efforts.
The Global Orphan Project
This is our ‘Greatest Needs’ category, and the rocket fuel of the ministry. Donations here fill critical life gaps for the children, and, most importantly, drive economic and agricultural development. 100% of our GO Fund is used for the 'now needs' of the children that must be met as they arise, agricultural development, and economic development. One time gifts and monthly gifts in of any amount will help us grow our reach and impact.
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has been serving in Haiti since 1950 and operates schools, clinics, a hospital, feeding programs, children's homes and church-related activities through some 60 community centers across the country.
Vision Beyond Borders
Vision Beyond Borders is a testament to God’s faithfulness and provision, His perfect love reaching down to those in need. In the midst of the oppression, violence and persecution of this dark world, we deliver the light and truth of the Word of God. Our travels lead us into Muslim, Communist and other nations closed to the Gospel. We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the oppressed, in obedience to the Great Commission.
VisionTrust International
You have unique skills and abilities that God can use to advocate for orphans... right where you live. There are over 200 verses in the Bible imploring Christians to speak up for the oppressed and to act on behalf of the poor. Join the Orphan Advocate Team and be a voice for some of the world's neediest children.
VisionTrust International
Supporting VisionTrust gives an education, food, medical care, and discipleship to orphaned and extremely impoverished children around the world.
Volunteers in Medical Missions
VIMM (Volunteers In Medical Missions) is a team of Christian doctors, nurses, and many other volunteers that are working to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and adults in developing countries throughout the world. Your donation will help with upcoming missions in Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Sri Lanka. We also have Village Health Workers in villages near Olanchito, Honduras. Funds are needed to dispense medicine, vitamins, and eyeglasses.
Water for Life
Water for Life gets right down to the root of the problem in the poverty stricken country of Haiti. By drilling wells to provide clean water for the Haitian people, we provide them with an opportunity to keep their bodies clean and free from disease, raise healthy, happy children, plant crops, feed their animals and restore dignity and meaning to their impoverished lives. Your donation will help give Haitians relief after the severe earthquake.
Water Mission
Water Missions International is a nonprofit Christian Engineering ministry providing safe water solutions to developing countries and disasters. With full-time staff in nine countries, you have the opportunity to provide life-giving water to people who desperately need it. Every day is a disaster with 884 million people lacking access to safe water, and we have the ability to respond quickly in the wake of a natural disaster. Your gift will provide lasting, transformational change.
Widow's Mite Experience
Women in many countries have to walk miles to get water for their families and often carry as much as 40 to 80 pounds of water on top of their heads damaging their spine and neck. For a donation of only $30, you can help her carry water using a water backpack which will distribute the weight evenly, avoiding the impact to her spine and body. You will also be helping Widow’s Mite Experience supply funds for worldwide emergency water relief.
Widow's Mite Experience
Many areas have water and simply need purification options. The H2gO is a hand-held purifier that can clean up to 33,000 gallons of water with common table salt. It lasts 10 years and uses one battery that can be charged with solar power or a USB. A $75 gift donates one H2gO. Other areas (especially refugee camps) have no light sources and getting water after dark is dangerous. The waterproof Solar Puff (for a $25 donation) is solar powered and can light the way for 8-12 hours!
Widow's Mite Experience
Experience the thrill of sacrificial giving as the widow of Luke 21:1-4 did! Widow's Mite Experience holds several events across the nation each year to raise funds for water wells and water relief projects across the globe. Events include fashion shows, purse auctions, tea auctions, luncheon auctions, and our yearly Heart-to-Heart extravaganza. Call 910.754.5526 if you have items for donation. See our website for event listings.
World Gospel Mission
Today is your day to make an impact for missions. Some people are called to go while others can share in the honor by financially supporting them. Take your passion for missions and put it into action. Join WGM’s support team and become part of something big. Your gift today will help change the world for Christ.
World Help
World Help has planted an extensive network of global humanitarian aid partners who are strategically positioned to respond with life-saving supplies in the wake of natural disasters, food shortages, refugee crises, and other devastating circumstances where innocent lives are at risk.
World Help
World Help believes that every child deserves a happy and healthy life on every level. By partnering with compassionate supporters, we help meet the needs of children around the world by providing proper nutrition, medical attention, education, and opportunities for continued access. When you empower children, you empower a generation.
World Hope International
By introducing the world’s most impoverished communities to supply chain best practices, sustainable farming, and livestock development techniques, farmers are able to better their production and preserve their land for future use. World Hope International’s agricultural programs help farmers grow more food for themselves or the market, combat hunger and provide long lasting food security.
World Renew
When disasters strike, World Renew is there. World Renew responds to crisis situations by providing emergency food, water, shelter, and supplies. World Renew also helps communities rebuild homes and restore livelihoods.
World Vision U.S.
As a child sponsor, you are connected with one special child who will have the chance know your name, write to you and feel your tender love and prayers. Your monthly child sponsorship pledge will provide a child with things such as: * Clean Water * Nutritious Food * Health Care * Educational Opportunities * Spiritual Nurture
Something to Eat is a crisis response meal packaging program that binds together the privileged and the poor. This powerful spiritual formation tool has already helped thousands of students package more than half a million nutritious meals to be sent to hungry children. Just 20 cents allows a student the funds to package one meal.

ServantMatch® is a an ECFA program available only for ECFA accredited organizations. While ECFA accredits its members, any questions about listings should be directed to the specific ministry hosting the giving opportunity. If you have concerns about compliance with ECFA’s standards please let ECFA know.

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