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Dream Center Foundation
Dream Center Discipleship provides a structured, supportive environment for men and women to overcome addiction and other negative behavior patterns. Over the course of one year, adults learn and practice healthy habits to gain a new approach to life, equipping them to become successful, productive and functional members of society.
Dream Center Foundation
Foster Care Intervention is dedicated to keeping families together by providing the necessary items for households to meet Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) requirements, thereby preventing children from being taken from loving parents who are simply struggling financially. Help keep families together by giving to The Dream Center's Foster Care Intervention program today!
Dream Center Foundation
The Dream Center's Human Trafficking Shelter provides a safe place to those rescued from human/sex trafficking in the United States. By rebuilding their physical, mental and spiritual wholeness, The Dream Center prepares women for their return to society, empowering them with the ability to build trusting relationships, and with life skills that equip them to be productive members of the community.
Dream Center Foundation
The Mobile Food Distribution Program delivers vital nutrition to Los Angeles' most impoverished communities. Visiting 31 locations, the program serves an average of 40,000 individuals monthly, including single mothers, working poor families, disabled individuals, the unemployed and the elderly who would otherwise have limited access to fresh, quality food, due to issues of cost and transportation.
Dream Center Foundation
Under the Bridge is an outreach that serves 1500 hot meals every week to the homeless population of Skid Row and surrounding areas. We also offer other services to the homeless community in hopes to rehabilitate them and prepare them for re-entry into their communities. Your giving will make a difference!

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