World Gospel Mission

Marion, IN
Founded: 1910
Current Status: Charter Member
Member Since: February 1, 1980
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $18,849,036
   Noncash Donations $33,785
   Other Revenue $5,208,780
   Total Revenue $24,091,601
   Total Expenses $21,195,730
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $41,460,586
Total Liabilities $3,756,138
Net Assets $37,704,448

Data for year ended March 31, 2017
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
World Gospel Mission
Marion, IN
Tel: (765) 664-7331
Fax: (765) 671-7230
Top Leader: Dr. E. Daniel Schafer
Donor Contact: Mrs. Cheryl Bishir

Ministry Description
The purpose of World Gospel Mission, in obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), shall be to proclaim the good news of full salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. To accomplish this purpose, World Gospel Mission is involved in cross-cultural ministries such as church planting, Biblical training centers, education, medical, literature, radio, agricultural, and other related ministries that will lead toward the building of an indigenous church.

It is a challenge to be a woman of Christian faith—no matter which country you call home. Biblically-based conferences equip virtuous women to raise their children, relate to their husbands, and become holy women of God. Provide this opportunity for Ugandan women with $36 to fund one woman’s conference costs or $900 to underwrite an entire conference. Project #21345 $36 per attendee $900 per conference
Today is your day to make an impact for missions. Some people are called to go while others can share in the honor by financially supporting them. Take your passion for missions and put it into action. Join WGM’s support team and become part of something big. Your gift today will help change the world for Christ.
It's hard to learn without a guide.Many Kenyans are thirsty to know more about God but they lack the necessary textbook - a Bible. A donation of $10 will give someone in Kenya a much needed Bible. Project # 21170 $10
Radio Lumière must relinquish some of its broadcasting frequencies, making it necessary to replace existing mountaintop repeater stations with satellite downloads. Ensure that Radio Lumière continues to broadcast the message of hope in Christ in Haiti. Project #24680 $120/month link-up fee $6,000/site download preparation.
Project #2148 $75 each month Help provide supplies for the Home of Hope Ministry Center, which keeps youth actively engaged in activities with Christian mentors.
A trip to the eye doctor to get a new pair of glasses is a piece of cake for you, but for thousands of people in South Sudan, seemingly simple eye problems can result in blindness over time if left untreated. Your gift of $150 will restore the sight of a Sudanese individual at an Eye Care Clinic and will give them a chance to hear about the One who opened the eyes of the blind. Project #130-25791 $150 per surgery
Have you ever seen a soccer game save a soul? The people at the Taylor Community Center have. Set in the heart of a high-risk community, the center provides kids and their families a safe place to play and learn, and most importantly, to hear about the saving love of Jesus. Project #21561 Foosball Table: $360 Ping-Pong Table: $360 Sports Ball: $18 Hanging Basketball Basket: $3,000 Soccer Goal: $300
Taylor Christian School brings the gift of education to children in a poor Hispanic neighborhood on the Texas/Mexico border. Your scholarship gift will enable one child to receive a quality Christian education for a whole year. Project # 23562 $240/month (10 months)
Remember Hurricane Mitch? Most people have forgotten this 1998 storm, the worst Atlantic hurricane on record. The people in Honduras still remember it every time it rains. Work with WGM missionaries, local Honduran churches, and construction students to build new, safe houses for the poorest of the poor. Project #31497 $7,200
For much of the 20th century, religion was highly restricted and monitored by the government of communist Hungary. Now Christians are free to worship in the open. Hungarians are experiencing a great thirst for translated Christian books. End the drought. Each $600 you raise covers a translation cost, and each additional $6 pays for the printing of one copy of a book. Project #31454 $600 (to translate a book) $6 (to print a book)

Ministry Sectors
  • Evangelism

  • Ministry Types
  • Missions: Foreign (primary)