MAOZ Israel Ministries

Grand Prairie, TX
Founded: 1976
Current Status: Member
Member Since: June 26, 2001
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $5,287,572
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $31,593
   Total Revenue $5,319,165
   Total Expenses $5,152,917
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $-8,637
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $2,475,657
Total Liabilities $188,035
Net Assets $2,287,622

Data for year ended December 31, 2016
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
MAOZ Israel Ministries
Grand Prairie, TX
Tel: (214) 677-0560
Top Leader: Mr. Richard B. (Ari) Sorko-Ram
Donor Contact: Mrs. Christy Wilkerson

Ministry Description
MAOZ was founded in 1976. Currently we: 1) support Israeli congregations - Hebrew, Arab, and Ethiopian, 2) contribute to the needs of the poor among believers, 3) publish life-giving books into the Hebrew language, 4) sponsor national leadership conferences, 5) lead a media team to impact Hebrew speakers with the Gospel, 6) support national Youth leadership conferences, and 7) write the monthly "MAOZ Israel Report," providing a clear perspective of the truth in the Middle East.

We are providing music lessons and instruments to help develop musical talent so our children can become the worship leaders in Israel for tomorrow's generation.
To help the victims of terror in Israel, we began to provide aid to the Messianic Jews of Israel. We give aid to help immigrants study Hebrew, provide job training, erase debt, start new businesses, meet medical needs, and help with down payments to purchase homes. We also provide food, counseling, and assistance to widows and orphans.
We designed a Hebrew website, for sharing the gospel in the Hebrew language to reach this next internet generation. Help us bring the Good News of the Gospel of the Messiah to the people of Israel until all Israel is saved!
Maoz continues to host EQUIP leadership training conferences, training over 250 leaders in Israel. Pastors and leaders all over the Land are putting those principles into practice.
Our home congregation, Kehilat Tiferet Yeshua, is a Hebrew-speaking congregation actively involved in outreach—street, new age festivals, and a number of members are actively involved with one-on-one outreach. We believe in full family salvation--winning every member of the family by exhibiting the transformation in lives of those who have come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus).
If an Israeli does not read another language, this limits his or her opportunity to partake of the wisdom God has given to His worldwide Body. In an effort to change that, we have translated and published a catalog of approximately 100 books, which have been distributed in 25 congregations and Bible bookstores throughout Israel. We continue to publish 5 - 10 books a year into Hebrew.

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