Focus on the Family

Colorado Springs, CO
Founded: 1977
Current Status: Member
Member Since: April 1, 1981
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $78,553,984
   Noncash Donations $980,016
   Other Revenue $10,911,234
   Total Revenue $90,445,234
   Total Expenses $90,019,197
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $65,272,691
Total Liabilities $13,453,034
Net Assets $51,819,657

Data for year ended September 30, 2014
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO
Tel: (719) 531-3400
Fax: (719) 531-3450
CEO \ President: Mr. James D. Daly
Donor Contact: Mr. Ken Windebank

Ministry Description
Focus on the Family is a nonprofit organization whose primary reason for existence is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this objective by helping to preserve traditional values and the institution of the family. This ministry is based upon five guiding principles: Preeminence of Evangelism, Permanence of Marriage, Value of Children, Sanctity of Human Life, and The Relationship of Church, Family and Government. Focus on the Family is a reflection of what we believe to be the recommendations of the Creator Himself, who ordained the family and gave it His blessing.

Through your gifts to Focus on the Family, you help strengthen families, promote traditional values and transform lives through the power of the gospel. But you also accomplish something else: You enable Focus to extend its ministry to those who cannot afford to support it.

Available Files
  • Annual Report
  • Form 990

  • Other Names Under Which Funds May Be Raised
  • Adventures in Odyssey
  • Citizen Magazine
  • National Institute of Marriage

  • Ministry Sectors
  • Arts, Music & Film
  • Education
  • Family & Marriage
  • Social, Civic, Public Policy & Philanthropy
  • Children & Youth
  • Evangelism
  • Human Services & Medical

  • Ministry Types
  • Marriage, Family (primary)
  • Community Development
  • Media: Film
  • Media: Radio
  • Adoption
  • Counseling
  • Media: Internet
  • Public Policy, Education
  • Advocacy
  • Evangelism