Urban Youth Collaborative

San Diego, CA

Founded: 2009

Tel: (619) 768-0278

Website: http://uyc.org

Top LeaderRev. Nate Landis

Donor Contact: Rev. Nate Landis

Member Since: June 30, 2018

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $468,702
   Noncash Donations $13,218
   Other Revenue $63,688
   Total Revenue $545,608
   Total Expenses $536,895
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $184,042
Total Liabilities $119
Net Assets $183,923
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Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC) supports student-led Bible clubs at over 100 public middle and high schools throughout San Diego County. These meetings draw 3,000 students each week who gather for spiritual food (God’s word) and physical food. Each gathering is connected with local youth pastors that students invite as guest speakers, mentors, and bridge-builders to local congregations. Fifty-six San Diego churches are now involved in ongoing ministry to schools. Our ministry, then, walks churches through a menu of “best practices” and models for holistically caring for interested students beyond the weekly on-campus club. By 2025, our goal is to have all 280 public middle and high school campuses in San Diego County partnered with a local church.

Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC) is a coalition of 56 church partners that support student-led faith clubs and motivational assemblies. We believe in the limitless potential and irreplaceable value of every young person and want to see them achieve their full God-given potential. We dream of a day when young leaders across America will gather in student-led campus clubs to live out their dreams of a better future for their friends, families, and communities.
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