Grand Rapids, MI
Founded: 2007
Current Status: Member
Member Since: November 30, 2016
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $1,636,144
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $1,467
   Total Revenue $1,637,611
   Total Expenses $1,356,123
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $2,340,484
Total Liabilities $55,942
Net Assets $2,284,542

Data for year ended December 31, 2016
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
Grand Rapids, MI
Tel: (616) 328-5208
Top Leader: Dr. Deborah Haarsma
Donor Contact: Mrs. Laura J. Landmann

Ministry Description
BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God's creation. BioLogos provides virtual and physical meeting places where the best Christian minds in the sciences, theology, biblical studies, philosophy, and other fields meet on these topics of mutual interest for the good of the church. With a commitment to spirited and gracious dialogue and a confidence in the ultimate harmony between science and faith, we aim to help the church develop a worldview that embraces both of these complex but complementary ways of understanding the world and our place in it.

Far too many people today see science and Christianity in conflict. BioLogos believes that the discoveries of modern science, including the God-ordained process of evolution, point to the power and glory of Christ, the Creator of heaven and earth. Your contributions have helped BioLogos become the leading destination for those in the church and beyond who are looking for resources on robust science and biblical faith.

Ministry Sectors
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Evangelism
  • Place of Worship & Spirituality
  • Discipleship

  • Ministry Types
  • Apologetics (primary)
  • Evangelism
  • Pastoral Support
  • Youth
  • Discipleship
  • Media: Internet
  • Student