Rafiki Advanced Learning Institute (RALI) Program

Eustis, FL
Founded: 1985
Current Status: Subsidiary
Member Since: July 3, 2002
ECFA accredited organization

Contact Information
Rafiki Advanced Learning Institute (RALI) Program
Eustis, FL
Tel: (352) 483-9131
Fax: (352) 483-9132
Website: http://www.rafikifoundation.org
Parent Organization: Rafiki Foundation

Ministry Description
Rafiki Advanced Learning Institute (RALI) program is comprised of 4 parts. Rafiki Institute of Classical Eduction is a teacher-training course producing qualified Classical Christian school teachers for Africa. The course work consists of programmed learning on a computer using text, video, audio, and lecture with a practicum in the Rafiki Village schools. High school graduates attend this program for free and within 2 or 3 years may either teach in a Rafiki school, church school, or start their own Rafiki Classical School Franchise. Students also receive training through the art and music institues to round out their education.