Billy Graham Crusade Ministries

Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1950
Current Status: Program
Member Since: December 1, 1979
ECFA accredited organization

Contact Information
Billy Graham Crusade Ministries
Charlotte, NC
Tel: (704) 401-2432
Fax: (704) 401-3033
Parent Organization: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Ministry Description
Billy Graham Crusades have been a primary focus since the ministry's inception in 1950. Each crusade begins with local believers who are burdened for the salvation of their friends and neighbors. At the invitation of Christian leaders in a city, we partner with local churches for months of prayer, planning, and training leading up to the multi-day outreach in a stadium, arena, or park. Each event features proclamations of the gospel, coupled with energetic and inspirational music, afterward, BGEA assists the local body in follow up with those who made life-changing commitments to Christ.