Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas

Bentonville, AR
Founded: 2001
Current Status: Member
Member Since: July 22, 2013
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $3,233,466
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $274,286
   Total Revenue $3,507,752
   Total Expenses $3,153,969
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $10,252,478
Total Liabilities $4,479,830
Net Assets $5,772,648

Data for year ended June 30, 2017
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas
Bentonville, AR
Tel: (479) 464-7223
Top Leader: Dr. Mike McDaniel
Donor Contact: Mr. Steve Hill

Ministry Description
Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas's purpose is to equip believers for life-long Christian living; to encourage love, fellowship and accountability among the members; to exalt God through public and personal worship; to edify the members and community through ministry and service; to evangelize as many people as possible though out the world. Grace Point Church of Northwest Arkansas also seeks to benefit the people of Northwest Arkansas by providing opportunities for spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and cultural development.

Other Names Under Which Funds May Be Raised
  • Kindle - Mother's Day Out and Preschool

  • Ministry Sectors
  • Children & Youth
  • Evangelism
  • Family & Marriage
  • Place of Worship & Spirituality
  • Discipleship

  • Ministry Types
  • Church: Local (primary)
  • Missions: Foreign
  • Prayer
  • Women's Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Missions: Home
  • Student
  • Youth
  • Marriage, Family
  • Orphan Care